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All… I am SO excited to feature this power babe, Nic Mora, of Give Me Mora, TV Personality & Blogger.


Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

Not only has she been a great friend to me, she has also been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to Champagne at Shannon’s. In fact, when I decided to do this back in 2014, she was the very first person I told. I kept it secret for a while as I got things going.

Now, if we are being super real, I had a HUGE advantage having this girl as my cheerleader. Not only does she have a successful blog on her own that she has grown into a brand and a TV presence, she gave me so much advice from day 1. All of the sudden, the big scary world of blogging came a little less scary as she held my hand and led me in the right direction.

One thing I REALLY admire about her, is from day 1, she emphasized something that is so essential to Champagne at Shannon’s. She is NOT about competing, and with other women, she is all about collaborating. Her openness is not only what makes her successful, but she has helped lead others in the right direction.  Seriously, I dare you to shoot her a note and ask her a question, and she will answer honestly, and will probably want to collab with you LOL! She is an open book, and though she is young, she knows a lot about the entertainment industry, whether it be online through blogging or on TV.

Currently, Nic resides in Los Angeles, and is the definition of a Power Babe. She also has an interesting take on work-life balance, which is really neat to see as millennials slowly take over the world, and is making me re-evaluate things.

Now, without further ado, meet über bombshell, Nic Mora!

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

Fleur1   Describe Give Me Mora in your own words:

Give Me Mora is a blog created specifically for millennials by a millennial. We give you MORA everything from entertainment to lifestyle to Bougie-On-A-Budget, dating in the 21st century & discussing life’s ups and downs while keeping it real. Our goal is to provide a personal, community feel in an often impersonal digital world.

Fleur1  What was the inspiration for Give Me Mora?:

When I created Give Me Mora, I wanted to create a space where people didn’t feel alone. A website where people could hop on, read pieces they could connect to, and start real discussions. I have experienced a lot in my life and so many times I felt like I was the only one going through something, but the more I spoke to people, the more I realized that many of us goes through similar situations – we just don’t openly talk about it. For me, I’ve always found the beauty in the imperfections; that’s what makes us who we are, so why should we hide that part of ourselves? Our scars make us special. {<<< A song that reminds me when I was down on my luck in Dallas, is Shades of Grey by Oliver Heldens & Shaun Grank w/ Delaney Jane & my fave part ‘got these scars but I think they’re pretty’ – love that part}

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

Fleur1   What did you struggle with as you started your blog?:

Starting Give Me Mora was really hard for me. I am such a private person and I live in a community where we NEVER talk about our problems even though we all have them. When I decided to bite the bullet and share bits and pieces of my personal journey/story, I cannot tell you how many private messages I received from people saying they were going through the exact same thing! My favorite part was getting a few messages from younger Persian Jewish girls in the community saying they too had hopes and dreams to work in TV like I do and that my story inspired them to keep going. I mean, I actually cry every time I get a message like that because I remember wanting to find just ONE woman in my community that said “eff you” to the norm and took the entertainment world by storm. Lucky for me, I have a boss woman of a mom and I learned the hustle from her, but not everyone is so lucky so if I can be that for someone, it’s all worth it. We’re now 2 years old and my whole life has changed for the better. Open yourself up to the world and the world will open itself up to you.

Fleur1 What is the most rewarding thing about starting your blog?:

It is really surreal for me to see my dreams coming to life. I NEVER thought I would pursue a career in being a TV Personality, let alone running a blog as a business! I thought I was going to be an actress and producer my entire life. Thanks to my grandfather’s constant pushing of getting me to try being someone like Barbara Walters, I gave it a go while at USC and the rest is kind of history. I LOVE people & I’ve always been a storyteller.

Everyone has a story and at least one other person in this world can relate – that to me is SO powerful.

Choosing this life/career has not been easy and it’s come with a lot of sacrifice, but I’m so freaking lucky and thankful that I have the opportunities to do all of this and that the people in my life have been nothing but supportive and understanding.

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

Fleur1   You are celebrating your two year anniversary! Congrats! Describe the Evolution of Give Me Mora from an idea to where it is now.

Thank you!!! I was creating my personal website for TV hosting with my best friend Sali of Sali Krazy. She told me I needed to start a Tumblr and update it several times a week. In my head I was like … is she for real right now?! Who really has time for this?! But at the end of the day, anything Sali says I do because she’s a genius and I trust her with my life so I started writing about things that were important to me such as entertainment and lifestyle.

Then I went off to executive produce an indie project called ROADIES which involved being on – you guessed it! – a road trip from Los Angeles to Arizona to New Mexico to Texas. Our first day on the road our van broke down! I’m someone that likes to find the funny in EVERYTHING because life is too short to not laugh, so I started chronicling what was happening. Like a live play by play, and that is when I realized: I’m going to update this from the road &  people can follow the journey. When I came back from the trip I immediately packed again and went to London where I continued blogging on Tumblr. I’ve been a writer my entire life so this was easy for me.

The more I wrote, the more inspired by the world I became.

Then Kanye came out with his Bound 2 video and I immediately wrote about it, and the next thing I knew it was getting re-blogged! I suddenly felt like a brilliant idea had just come to me so in true Nic fashion I immediately called Sali going a mile a minute. I said MEET ME FOR LUNCH ON ME IT’S A BUSINESS MEETING SEE YOU THERE! I’m nuts like that and she’s so amazing that she always just goes with it no matter what and so I tell her everything

And I wait for her to tell me I’m either psycho, or I am on to something… or both.

Anyways, I explained to her that I wanted to start a site and I wanted her to be my manager since she pretty much was doing that for me anyways. 🙂  To be honest, I was half expecting her to tell me this wouldn’t work but instead told me she thought my writing & “voice” was actually really good. She gave me a list of things to do thinking I wouldn’t really do them but I did my homework, and came back to her prepared. I was so thorough at our next meeting. In fact, I joke that I punked her into working with me because I kind of gave her no choice! But all jokes aside, I want to work with the best, and Sali truly is the best at what she does.

My cousins and I brainstormed a name for my site and when my cousin Dina said Give Me Mora, everyone kind of went THAT’S IT. For the next month while Sali was on and off tour with LMFAO {<<< anyone else as obsessed with them as I was in the late 2000s?! } but we worked diligently and pulled so many all-nighters I can’t even tell you. I think for the week up to the launch we slept MAYBE a total of 15 hours in 5 days {<<< girl, I get it }. We kept this launch and idea such a secret – only our families, a few of our best friends and my first Woman On The Rise, Alana Sue, knew.

The rest is kind of history. Each day since has been crazy and my mind is always thinking about how we can expand, how we can be better, how our numbers can grow. It has truly been crazy watching our numbers increase as our content gets better.

It really did just start with a crazy idea and Sali was crazy enough to believe in me and make it come to life with me.

I would not have been able to run this without Sali or my amazing team of contributors. Elyse has a contributor since day 1 with her recipes and now we have DJ Sean Cvtter, Jeremy Ely, Jesse Poller, and a special podcast created by Taylor Robinson and Adam Bonefeste called 25 To Life which recaps The Bachelor, as regulars as well.  Not to mention that we have guest writers and staff! Now that it’s been 2 years I can’t help but get so nostalgic at how far we’ve come and how much my team has been by my side growing with me. I am forever thankful for all of this and for them. None of this could be done without their support and love.

{ I had a similar experience as I evolved the idea of Champagne at Shannon’s and turned it into action. Nothing happened overnight – in fact, I was in London, as well, when I decided to get things going. }

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

Fleur1   What is your take on a work-life balance?

The older I get the more I realize the importance of a work-life balance and that sometimes, you actually have to play harder than you work. These things would all be meaningless if I didn’t have my relationships & memories. And guess what? Your career doesn’t cuddle you at the end of the night (although there have been times where I’ve fallen asleep on my computer LOL), and it won’t necessarily wipe away your tears at the end of a long day. Your career is so important, but do not forget the people and relationships on your way up. When I come home I’m Nicole Moradifar, not Nic Mora. To my friends and family, I’m just Nic, Nickie, or NuNu. And I think it’s really important to not always be ‘on’ or feel like you have an audience. Nic Mora is who I am – don’t get me wrong, what you see on camera or through my writing is me, but I’m also very shy and calm at times too.

Fleur1   What do you think is the one thing people might not know about you? Clear the air!

What do people not know about me? Most people don’t know that I have a day job! I work 30 hours a week with my family in real estate. So between working in real estate, being a TV personality, running Give Me Mora & serving on the Kol Ahava Executive Board, my hands are pretty full. Passion rules my world.

I’ve literally started from the bottom where I would clean the theatre and wash the bathrooms at the Santa Monica Playhouse. In fact, I was just talking about this with a guy I dated when I was 18 – he told me he remembers when I started with nothing but a director’s chair I got from the theatre department in high school and a bag full of dreams and wishes. I think something that’s really important to me is that a lot of people feel this kind of just came to me. And it didn’t. I spent most of my time at USC at the TV studio or interning instead of partying. All of my friends were partying or dating while I was working 2 or 3 different jobs at a time to maximize the learning experience. I tried every job in the entertainment field from PR to development to magazine reporting to helping launch TownSpot TV. So when people act like they’re surprised I’m a blogger or working as a TV personality, it’s kind of surprising to me since I have been working for this my whole life!

On the personal side, I am also extremely emotional – I think you could call me an empath, actually. When I interview, I end up crying if the other person is! I feel things deeply and even though I come off strong and certain, I’m actually a huge ball of mush.

So many people only see what I put out there on social media, and keep in mind, I know exactly what I’m putting there and why.

{ ^^^  this is a very good piece of business advice, btw for social media – I will touch on this another day in a future post }

But when you actually sit down with me, I think people are surprised. I’m still sassy  with a lot of energy but I’m also extremely soft, playful and I LOVE talking about the universe and life and what’s real. Not a lot get to see that side of me because I have to be really comfortable to open up.

Also! There is nothing I feel better in than jeans or leggings and a tee and flats with my hair tied up. I hate wearing make up and doing my hair when I don’t have to. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it sometimes and I enjoy the finer things in life, but I also really love being low maintenance. It’s all about balance. I would much rather be at home with good food, good wine, and watch TV with a guy I’m dating than go get bottle service at the hottest clubs — that’s fun don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE being low-key and I love not being everywhere. I always keep one foot in the scene and one out, if that makes sense. In the entertainment & television industry, I find that is very important.

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon'sGive Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

Fleur1   How often are you on Social Media or your phone? When do you know when to draw the line and how do you incorporate phone etiquette as times have gotten more app-heavy and phone dependent?

Social media runs my world. What is so cool about this digital world is that it’s literally created so many jobs (but taken away a lot too as now we have so many computer automated things). When I think about how I started blogging, it was because at the time, I only needed my cellphone to write a post on Tumblr, to take pictures and upload them in one easy click.

Today, I go on Twitter to get my news. I go on Facebook to see and connect with my friends. I go on Instagram because I liked to be aesthetically pleased by cool photos, find inspiration for fashion, and to keep up with people I care about. I go on SnapChat to see what my friends have been up to that day. However, Instagram and SnapChat also give people FOMO which can be dangerous!

Sometimes I feel we really only do things to get a photo to post and then we end up missing the beauty around us completely! I’m not going to go into that though because that’s a completely different topic! It just gets tricky because, like you said, when do you draw the line? How much is too much? Am I supposed to post 3-5x a day? To be honest, I don’t think anyone really cares about my life that much that I need to alert you if I drink a cup of coffee or walk my dog. I’ll keep it to 3-5x a week MAX. I personally like keeping it at once a week with meaningful or interesting content.

I am ALWAYS on my phone, but I’d like to think that I have good phone etiquette. As in, if I’m out with friends, my phone isn’t in my hand, it’s in my bag. I put my phone away unless I’m taking a photo (which I ask permission for) or if something urgent comes up. It drives me nuts when you’re trying to have a conversation and the person is checking their phone – it’s so RUDE. Like, are you paying attention to me? Am I not important enough for you to not check your phone? If I can put my phone away, so can you – it is mutual respect. No text is that important – if it’s important enough, the person will CALL you. That’s my theory.

The biggest take-away?: technology is NOT that serious, people.

Treasure your time with the people you are around, and know when it is appropriate or not appropriate to take your phone out. Also, reality is not what you see on social media. You are seeing what that person WANTS you to see.

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's


Fleur1   What is the most important thing to you about not only blogging but collaborating?

Hands down, women supporting other women – not just when it’s beneficial to them but ALWAYS. I grew up with a mom who is literally superwoman and she’s so supportive of other women and has always been a rock for those around her, so I don’t know anything other than to be a girl’s girl. My mom always told me to wish well for other girls and never look at my girl friends as competition, especially when it comes to men. Unfortunately, I got a rough reality check after high school that not everyone has those same beliefs or were raised in that way. I think what women sometimes fail to realize is that having strong relationships is mutually beneficial all around! I am my friends’ #1 fan and they are mine. The second I see someone doesn’t want the best for me or has bad energy I put them on the back burner. I have zero tolerance for girls who want to compete. Unfortunately, once I started Give Me Mora, I had to walk away from a lot of close friendships because it was no longer healthy to be around. Who needs a friend who is scared you’re going to steal their boyfriend or is jealous of your success? No thanks. Anyone who knows me knows I’m loyal to a fault and would NEVER go after another woman’s man — that’s their own insecurities in their relationship, not mine. And anyone who has been around me knows that I want more for people around me than myself.

I am in competition with no one but myself.

People ask me all the time if I feel like so and so is my competition and I just laugh because it’s so dumb. In this new digital based world, there’s so much opportunity that none of us should feel like we are competing! We can all make it. I hope we all make it. I’m just out here trying to be better, do better, and live better. We need to teach our daughters to support one another, to build each other up and to help each other. Sometimes as women we get in our own way because we already feel like we have so much to prove, but if we stick together, it’s true when they say we can move mountains. Honor each other ladies! There’s plenty of room at the top for us to all succeed in both career and personal and I think we often forget that.

Fleur1  And… my favourite question… what is your hands down #1 advice for other aspiring bloggers or others who want to start their own business?

Okay, so I have two.

My biggest advice to anyone who wants to start a blog is KEEP YOUR DAY JOB! But seriously, there is no reason why you can’t do both. It will come with a lot of sacrifice, but that’s life and nothing worth having comes easy. You might not be able to attend every party, birthday, social function, but there will be other opportunities to do that, I promise. Get rid of that pesky FOMO fear that you might be missing out and focus on the end goal. I call it the great balancing act and it took me a year to figure out how to have 2 jobs and still have time for my personal life. {<<< cannot agree with this more, y’all – plus your job gives you added experience which makes you more valuable, reliable, and relatable to your readers. }

Schedule your posts in advance if your day-job is demanding, be organized, and know when it’s time to take a break. I usually take Sundays to outline the posts for the week so that I have an easier load during the week so that I have time to be social, too.

My other piece of advice that is just as important: SUPPORT OTHER BLOGGERS! We are living in a digital era where there is so much room for us to all win and grow together. Just because someone is clicking through Give Me Mora doesn’t mean they won’t click on another blog! Make friends with other bloggers, collaborate with people who have both less followers and more followers, and never look at them as competition… ever. As I mentioned, I compete with no one and if you know me, you know I’m always shouting people out and supporting in every possible way. I even have a “Blogs We Love” section on our site to make sure we can direct you to other amazing sites and people. Worry about yourself, your blog, and your business – the only thing you should worry about others is what can YOU do to support or help THEM?! Supporting each other is so mutually beneficial that anything else seems like a waste of time and energy!

Give Me Mora x Champagne at Shannon's

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A HUGE thank you to Nic for all of her valuable information. I will have her back to dive in more about how to get started in the entertainment industry since she really is a fountain of knowledge. I have been so excited for this post, since it has really made me re-evaluate my goals, think of future collabs, and again help my support other women.

A BIG goal of this blog is to create a platform where we can talk about other women just doing awesome things in their industry. Sharing their success and stories, providing business tips, and connecting other like-minded women to each other is so important to me.

Any babes I need to feature?!  E-mail me at

Talk soon,





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