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{ Lady Gaga }

Hi, my name is Shannon Silver, and I’ve been a Little Monster since 2008.

I am OBSESSED with Lady Gaga. Seriously, obsessed, since the first time I ever heard Just Dance back in 2008.

Last Sunday, I was sitting with my boyfriend at our favourite bar, Campus {watching the UNC game – holla} & I casually mentioned to Erik…

“Lady Gaga turns 30 tomorrow”

Now to be honest, I am used to him ignoring my random statements that have nothing to do with whatever it is we are doing – & to be fair, I do it to him when he does it too. But this even distracted Erik a bit from the game {he’s a tarheel so that’s a bold statement} and said:

“She sure accomplished a lot in her 20s”

I found myself reminiscing on Lady Gaga since that night… And made the realization that Lady Gaga is exactly 2 months older than me. That means whatever age she was whenever she came out with a single, I was the same age.

{ Lady Gaga }

2008 aka my early 20’s, I was def young and having my fun so & the music relayed it. Think: Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game, I Like It Rough {great song btw I mean, the second verse is “can’t sleep with the man who dims my shine” – yes}.

2009, I was really diving into food & wine and I vividly remember when she came out with the Fame Monster: Telephone, Bad Romance, So Happy I could Die and MONSTER – oh, don’t get me started, that was my song. In fact, Monster & Starstruck are still to this day on my ipod playlist from 2010. I’d listen to that album on repeat on my way to/from the restaurant I worked at.

2013, I took a major leap of faith & moved to San Francisco and Applause was on my Pandora nonstop {with a big thumbs up – love the Empire of the Sun remix}.

It was weird, whatever point of my life I was in, I found her music really reflected it.

{ Fun Fact: I had an ex-boyfriend who, after we broke up, would literally blow up my phone for months 50x minimum a day + texts + voicemails on the daily, I’m not even kidding – so I changed his ringtone to Beyonce’s verse from Telephone lololol #DISASTER }

Anyways, that is a very brief introduction about how I grew with her music. But I loved it when I first heard her and saw her.

She was fearless, she was racy, she was empowering, she was sexual, she was unapologetic and she embraced the weird.

In fact, she made it okay to be weird, make it yours, and don’t ever let it hold you back.

{ Lady Gaga }

One of my all time favourite songs by her is the controversial Do What U Want

The lyrics go a little something like…:

I feel good. I walk alone.
…but then I trip over myself and I fall.
I stand up & then I’m okay but then you print some shit that makes me want to scream.

So do what you want, what you want with my body.
Write what you want, say what you want about me. If you’re wondering, know that I’m not sorry.
Do what you want with my body.
You can’t have my heart and you won’t use my mind but do what you want with my body.
You can’t stop my voice cause you don’t own my life but do what you want with my body.

Obviously, there are a ton of double entendres with this song, and the lyrics are fantastic. Yes, there is the sex element (which I personally love the cheekiness of it it), but this is her response to the paparazzi, ugly gossip mags, dirty & annoying rumours, Photoshop, etc. Pretty much, a giant middle finger to the Press and media.

And a pretty powerful message at that.

Haters are annoying, but as they say, haters going to hate.

So let them, but don’t give them your heart, mind, voice, or life.

….So add that to one of the many reasons why I love Gaga.

{ Lady Gaga }

Let’s also take a gander at a few things she accomplished in her 20’s:

⚜ …she has won about 200 different awards – including 6 Grammy’s, 9 Billboard Awards, 13 VMA Awards (including breaking the record for the most nominations in one year – 2010)
⚜ …sent all of her first 5 singles to #1
⚜ …won best video of the DECADE for “Telephone”
⚜ …the first person to have one BILLION views on YouTube
⚜ …the first to reach 10 million Facebook and Twitter followers
⚜ …first artist to have over 6 million downloads – “Just Dance
⚜ …proud owner of the fastest selling single ever on iTunes – “Born This Way
⚜ …the most phenomenal preference of the Sound of Music
⚜ …a collaboration with Tony Bennett
 empowered victims of sexual abuse
⚜ …a major supporter of LGBT rights
⚜ …KILLED IT in American Horror Story: Hotel
⚜ …modeled for Marc Jacobs
⚜ …preformed a spectacular National Anthem at Superbowl 50

… the list truly goes on. { source & many more accomplishments }

She was also Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2015.

{ Lady Gaga }

In fact, please read this interview with her.

It truly hit home for me – inspiring and very powerful.

It was one I could absolutely relate to. She mentioned that she had so much rage & darkness by found a way to manifest it into something wonderful.

She stood up for herself  in the “boys club” of the entertainment industry, and stands against bullying everywhere

She got the part in American Horror Story by COLD CALLING the director, begging him to let her have an outlet for her to explore said darkness and transform it.

She never took no for an answer, even when she felt like she was going to crash her own train & that her passion was killing her – which is something I know very well.

It is no secret as to why she is my #WCW & quite frankly, everyday. I don’t think I’ve ever vocalized the impact, influence, and inspiration she has had on my life for the past decade. Well, here it is.

Here is one of my favourite speeches by Lady Gaga – worth the 90 second watch. Trust me.

I truly hope this inspires you like it does me.

So, Lady Gaga – THANK YOU & Happy, Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being an inspiration… for being there for the new relationships and the breakups (for making some fun re: Telephone to the not so fun)… for showing that weird is the new cool… to embrace it and to always be brave.

Thank you for sticking up for the incredible LBGT community… for being a source of strength for those who suffer abuse… for standing against bullying & for empowering… for constantly spreading love.

Thank you for sharing all your accomplishments & talents… you for giving the gift of your art & music for the past decade… and for sharing your light, voice, & heart with the world.

Thank you for being you.

30 never looked so good!

Listen to Lady Gaga HERE:

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