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{ #WCW }: Sherita McAdams of Vodka & Cupcakes brings in the realness in an Instagram-filtered world... & it's refreshing AF. - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #WCW }: Sherita McAdams of Vodka & Cupcakes brings in the realness in an Instagram-filtered world… & it’s refreshing AF.

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Like every blogger, I am on Instagram constantly.

I am constantly looking for accounts & blogs to follow and sources of inspiration.

I find the accounts I resonate the most with are the real ones. People who are so focused in their own lane, that they are too busy doing just that.. THEM. In fact, I can’t get enough of them! I find myself addicted and constantly excited for their posts.

It’s a pleasant surprise in a saturated, thirsty world that Instagram can be.

In fact, I’ve found so many blogs that I read religiously that way. It’s also a way I have found some totally legit friends too.

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s instagram to only fall in love with them and want to know them & everything about them? No? Okay, well….. that happened to me with Sherita.

An account I followed shouted her out, and I mean… her handle is @vodkandcupcakes… my attention was immediately piqued. I HAD to check out her account from her name alone.

Well, her content was even better than her name. She was so refreshingly real & we immediately hit it off on Instagram. To this day, her posts are my absolute favourite. Her captions are ALWAYS what everyone is thinking but her voice & personality truly shines.

Through being loyal insta-followers, we became loyal blog followers. We even started e-mailing back and forth and found we had many similarities. Like me, she moved to California from Texas and really made life hers.

Reading her blog, it’s obvious how strong she is. Of course, she talks fashion & such, but her personality and stories make her stand out from the rest. A personal favourite of mine? a survival guide to fuckboys. She also touches tough topics -like surviving a lay-off {I’VE BEEN THERE IN 2012 & IT BLEW. A LOT. Major blow to my self-esteem that took me years to gain back} – with humour & grace all while keeping it real. PS – she has the strongest gif-game there ever was. Seriously, there should be some Bloglovin award for this.

She is someone to 100% keep an eye on – you will see a LOT from her because she is so real. Also, even her interview, as I was reading and combing through the answers, my jaw was on the floor. She knocked it out of the park & her realness and personality is STRONG. I love it.

Now, without further ado, meet Sherita McAdams of Vodka & Cupcakes!!!!!

Introduce yourself & tell me about your blog, Vodka & Cupcakes {aka two VERY good things}:

Hey y’all! My name is Sherita and I am the creator, writer and hot mess mastermind behind the site ‘Vodka & Cupcakes’

& Thank you! Very good things, and click-bait-Y AF. For those of you coming for a drunken bakery, I apologize, but also invite you to stay for the laughs {<<< ps – my end goal is a drunken bakery so stay tuned }.

Life is a cluster—it’s bitter and doesn’t always end well, at the same time very beautiful and sweet—and all worth enjoying. Thus, V&C was born to figure out every relationship, career move, Pop Culture news, attempted recipe, and everything else life tosses one post at a time.

Something that has always drove my parentals crazy is that I’m very scattered—I get bored easily so I crave variety and I want to do everything.

I love your blog. I love how real you are, how daringly honest you are, all while poking in humour. When did you decide to start a blog & why? PS – I’m so glad you did!!!

You’re one of the first readers/fellow bloggers I interacted with since the beginning, and feels like an online family which I definitely cherish.

For the newly acquainted, I started October 2012 because I was bored at home and had found my way to some sale box wine. The first time in years, I stayed home from Halloween shenanigans because I was in my first apartment, aka POOR and completely burnt from working two jobs. I think my first post was about all the prior slutty outfits worn and how I’m over them.

Writing is my first love, and at the time I started reading more blogs in my spare time so Sangria was like “Hey girl, you should start your own blog”. Initially, I was just venting but over time more readers started to voice they related one way or another and it eventually became a platform that didn’t feel so alone.

Life is hard, and it’s so important to have an outlet.

Honestly, I’m way cooler on paper and on the internet so I’ve always translated better with things via my written words and through facial expressions—which is why I think I love GIFs so much. I’ve been told I make a mean side eye.

As far as the humor aspect, comedy has been a huge part of my life since forever—seeing the funny lining in everything is what keeps me sane-ish.

Tell me about balancing a full time job / company and managing a blog full time. What are your tips? 

I used to think I was a pro at staying organized and balancing things….until I jumped into blogging. It’s too easy to get distracted and pulled down from the real world, but the main focus is to never quit. {<<< yes to everything about this. I agree 100%}

Take a breather, a vacation, eat some fruit snacks, build your strength and come back swinging!

Biggest tip I feel helps is to plan ahead as much as possible and take notes for everything. I’m for sure a planner whore, I have planners for planners and I like to go by a method of “Stack and Attack”, listing everything needing to be done and doing so.

From someone who can be a HUGE procrastinator, the main thing is to remember why you started—and don’t focus on the bigger picture, it’ll drive you crazy. The goal at hand is to express, have fun doing so, and just take it a bite at a time—unless it’s a cupcake, then go all in.

What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Short-term is to always work hard and stay off the pole; long-term is to publish a memoir and launch my own Netflix series. {<<< yes, yes, yes! I’d watch tf outta it}

Favourite books?

Oh man, too many but first to mind are Brain on Fire, On Writing, Animal Farm, and Devil Wears Prada.

Biggest Style / Beauty Secret? Spill!

Biggest style secret is to wear what feels good — fuck the rules and the trends  {<<< & numbers!!!!} — just do your own thing. Wear that white after Labor Day, girl.

Beauty Secret?—oil, oil and more oil. Coconut oil gets all the hype but there’s so many great ones out there, depending on your skin type. I credit drowning in that at night to good skin—that and staying away from fuckboys.

Your Instagram is HILARIOUS. Seriously, one of my all time favourites to follow. What are some of your tips for the ‘gram?


I’m definitely no guru, but if I had any tips I’d say take lots and lots of pictures. I take a camera everywhere and I’m for sure annoying to any one hanging around me because I will stop dead in my tracks to take a shot.

Photography has been a passion of mine since childhood so I’ve always loved being behind a lens and become more confident in front. It’s always awkward when folks ask me who took my “photoshoot” because I do all my pictures myself. I also love memes and like to express my thoughts through that.

Speaking of Instagram, what are your favourite photo-editing apps?

VSCO cam is GREAT for when I’m feeling lazy, but if I have nothing else do to I like to hone my editing skills and go the non-filter route–that’s when I bust out the big guns and get the best out of a natural photo. {<<< interesting! in fact, one of my “most liked” photos was a very “not perfect”, dark lighting, practically unedited photo that I almost didn’t post but it was a special moment so I did… I think a lot of ppl are over perfectly perfect tbh}

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?

When I check my bank account, I’m inspired to get off my ass and do more work.

Prince always lifts me in the zone, his music or if I’m having a bad day I will pause everything to watch ‘Purple Rain’. Watching interviews with Tupac and/or Tom Ford forever inspire me as well.

What are some of the challenges in blogging and how you handle them?

Staying focused is the biggest, especially in the beginning while you’re growing an audience. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and pump out new material when you feel like no one cares. But as long as you do and the ones closest to you, that’s all that matters.

Also not comparing someone else’s success to your own, or lack there of–the only competition is yourself and the family with all the kids trying to beat you in the line at Popeye’s.

Looking back, if you could do anything differently in building your brand, what would it be?

I try not to have too many regrets, just lessons. Everything is a learning process and in the great words of the late Aaliyah, you just dust yourself and try again boo.

For anyone wanting to get into blogging, what is your biggest tip?

Start small, and just have fun. Be as original as possible, and learn everything you can. The more you know and can do, the less you have to depend on others to do so. {<<< phenomenal point}

Currently, what is your favourite social media outlet & why? Any social media advice?

Favorite social media outlet depends on my mood but it’s a toss-up between Instagram and Twitter. I talk too much so Twitter tends to be more fun to dish out thoughts and sometimes I just want to zone out so I’ll troll Insta to see what the 4-1-1 is. Best social media advice is don’t take it serious, and don’t get too serious—which is a hard balance to do in the world’s current state. {<<< agree 100% after all, instagram can shut down tomorrow}

What is next for Vodka & Cupcakes?

More so the question is…what ISN’T next for Vodka & Cupcakes?! 😉

One tease is that I’m a born and raised film nerd, so you’ll be seeing more of that being showcased one way or another.

Who are some of your favourite bloggers to follow?

You, DUH—I can’t wait to try that bacon truffle because bae-con is LIFE. {<<<< u already know & ty babe!}

There’s so many I could legit go on and on but basically everyone I follow on Instagram—there’s so many amazing, talented, young women out there building a brand, adding to our travel list, sharing their stories, making us laugh, making us over-use the heart eye emoji with their beautiful looks and fashionable ensembles (that make me want to buy everything they rock because I hope to look good and have poor money management skills).

And of course the fellas!—all of them except my ex. {<<< lol! girrrrl} One male that stands out to me is Mo David–he’s so young and super talented with a good head on his shoulders–I enjoy his visuals and can’t wait until he pops off cause he’s going to do great things.

How do you see social media and blogs evolving and how do you plan to evolve with it?

I see it becoming more and more interactive—which is right where I plan to be and adapt accordingly to my own voice. With most things, gotta keep it rolling like pizza. Does that even make sense?

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Best piece of advice… do it — or someone else will do it for you. {<<< YUP, especially in this day & age – ps every time I check Facebook, at least one person announces they are starting a blog}

Finally, advice for others who are looking to follow their dreams, but not sure how?

Look at the ones who did it before you, and make it your own. Read as much as you can, and tying into #18, just do it. There’s no map, and that’s the scariest/best part. We’re all just winging it—but the view, oh it’ll be worth it. {<<< ain’t that the damn truth}

Favourite song 🙂

Depends on my mood—I’m all over the place. Favorites in rotation are Baby, I’m A Star (Prince), Papercut (Linkin Park), Cloud 9 (The Temptations), What It’s Like To Be Me (Britney Spears), 7/11 (Beyonce), anything by White Lies or Trap music when I’m feeling a bit ghetto.

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