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{#WCW}: Go-getter Powerbabe Shinjini Das spills public speaking & social media tips & breaking into US media! - Champagne at Shannon's

{#WCW}: Go-getter Powerbabe Shinjini Das spills public speaking & social media tips & breaking into US media!

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I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – the internet is a rad place.

One big priority with this blog is to empower other women. If you’re a powerbabe with a kickass blog, business, or if you’re just a rad person, I want to give you this platform of mine and share what you do.

Well, I’ve mentioned I love Twitter in a major way lately. Really, it’s my favourite social media outlet at the moment. I love it because you can create conversations with other people, and it allows me to connect & converse with the cannabis industry, music (totally rad when I have conversations with anyone I featured on Friday), and the most important one: my readers.

One day, I was casually tweeting away & going through my notifications – I got the best one I could ever imagine. Pretty much, from a beautiful girl named Shinjini Das. She thanked me for my #WCW interviews & let me know how emowering they are. She loved my focus on lifting other women up. And I promise I’m not writing this to talk about how great I am lol

Anyways, we conversed back and forth and I realized that she is the EPITOME of a power babe. In fact, my power babes are her go getter babes and she has the same passion to lift other women up.

….not to mention, her resume is insane. Let me name them off: ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, INC., FORBES… speaking of Forbes, check out this interview here!

Anyways, I’m honored to have her on the blog to share her energy, advice (LOVED her public speaking tip), and positivity. I loved hearing how she overcame her diversity and what a go-getter girl is! She truly is a girl after my own heart.

Now, without further ado…. Meet Shinjini!


{ Introduce yourself! }:

Hey girls! I am Shinjini, the Founder and CEO of The Das Media Group – a multi-media personality, keynote speaker, engineer, and Huffington Post contributor. Ultimately, I am a go-getter girl on a mission to write one of the greatest stories ever written.

{ Tell us about your journey into the media industry. }:

The world of media has always fascinated me, and growing up, I would spend hours in front of the television staring in awe at the beautiful women anchors on television, so somewhere subconsciously, that was a personal goal for me to appear on television.

Media is a very high powered as well as high glamour industry, so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! I have always been completely obsessed with high fashion, bold jewelry, and killer heels, so I am very excited to be able to indulge my love for all things beauty and fashion in my career as a media personality and business leader!

{ Let’s talk Diversity! Let’s hear about your struggles in breaking out into American media as an Indian American, as well as your accomplishments? }:

The primary reason I wanted to venture into American media was to broaden global perceptions of Indian-Americans, and specifically, of the unique breadth, depth, and perspectives of Indian-American women, because the representations that I saw were hardly full and exciting.

To be completely honest, it was quite an experience to view all of the fabulous anchors and media personalities in the news and realize oh wow, most of these intelligent and gorgeous women look nothing like me. But that is okay! I can be one of the first to carve out the path I am passionate about walking on.

I embraced my own talents, ambitions, work ethic, and beauty in venturing out into American media, and the response has been nothing short of heart-warming as well as ultra fabulous. People from around the world realize the criticality of diverse representation in mainstream American media, and have championed me like their own daughter, so I am tremendously excited and grateful to have them with me on this journey.

{ That said, what’s your advice to anyone looking to enter “unusual” or unconventional paths? }:

Focus on yourself, your individual work ethic, ambitions, talents, and disregard all of the other irrelevant things like looks, doubts, and fears. You are more than capable of running the show, and you just have to show the world how the game is played! We all believe in you!

{ What does empowerment mean to you & what are things you do daily to encourage empowerment? }:

Empowerment is literally everything to me. I truly believe that if an individual is not empowered, invigorated, and excited from within to drive change, then he or she is not in a position to empower anyone else.

On a daily basis, I quite literally talk to myself, and encourage myself to continue walking on this supremely ambiguous and unique path. I highly recommend reveling in your own joy, because happiness is a great elixir!

{ What are habits that all power babes must start NOW?! }:


No, seriously. I am obsessed with self-love, because self-love is the root of all success, empowerment, fulfillment, and joy. If you love yourself, you will always invest in your dreams, ambitions, and passions because you value yourself that much to always put yourself first in order to serve others more fully and successfully.


{ What are your short-term and long-term goals? }:

My short-term goals include streamlining my business, engaging in a diverse array of speaking engagements both campus, corporate, and outlining brands I would like to collaborate with.

Over the long-term, I am incredibly passionate about building a global American lifestyle brand centered on the ‘go-getter girl’ in empowering individuals to take action to achieve their highest potential.

{ Favorite books? }:

OBSESSED with Amy Cuddy’s Presence and Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss now! Inspirational POWER BABES for the win!

{ Biggest Beauty Secret? Spill! }:

Radiating happiness, confidence, and joy! 🙂

{ Your hair is stunning! What are some of the best supplements or things to eat to take for healthy hair? }:

Ooh, my ultimate favorite is coconut oil, not exactly a supplement, but superbly helpful to nourish healthy hair growth over a long term. It is super easy too, just lather some coconut hair oil in your hair every other time you wash your hair, leave it in, and wash it all off together. You will notice that your hair is a lot more silky, smooth, and healthy!

{ I strongly believe health / fitness / diet are correlated to being successful in business and entrepreneurship. What are some of your tips & advice to stay motivated? }:

Yes, ma’am, health and fitness are absolutely HUGE for anyone to be successful in business and entrepreneurship. I am officially part of the Crossfit LYFEEE now and am super excited to continue the journey!

It is a ridiculously difficult workout, so I actually purposely don’t go every day. I’ll be on the Crossfit grind at least 3-4 times a week, which is massive in terms of health and fitness benefits! I actually can deadlift about 60 pounds now, which is a huge deal for me haha!

I highly recommend all power babes include a power fitness workout in their weekly schedules to maintain sanity and to feel super confident because yeah you are a boss babe killin’ it in the boardroom and the gym!

Shinjini Das

{ You mentioned you had to undergo a personal transformation – I’VE BEEN THERE TOO – how did that come about, what was your “aha” moment, and advice to others in a similar position? }:

Growing up, I was super shy, like suuuuuper duper shy, and I really didn’t feel like I belonged in America or my friend group till probably college. Belonging is a hard concept for a lot of people.

What I learned was that the second I own myself, my ambitions, talents, personality, and looks, the world will accept me with open arms, and that is what happened. I began working on myself, building confidence, and falling in love with myself, which in turn made the world fall in love with me.

{ Most underrated business tip?? }:

Value yourself and recognize the intrinsic value of the services you are providing to monetize accordingly.

Profits are a direct result of the amount of value you and your business are providing to humanity, so do not be shy about recognizing the value you are providing, and price your service offerings or products accordingly.

{ Let’s talk public speaking! How did you get started into that & what’s your advice to anyone looking to get into it? }:

This was destiny. I gave a speech in middle school and urged by everyone in the audience to ‘do this’ in high school. I literally asked them, ‘do what?,’ they said ‘speech and debate.’ I guess you can say the best things in life are unexpected surprises.

The biggest advice for public speaking is to structure your thoughts onto a draft of a speech first, understand the main points you are keen to make, identify your target audience, and always ensure that you are providing the maximum value to them to enhance their journey in life. Do not get nervous, because public speaking is just a series of 1:1 conversations!

{ Any tips for public speaking on the day of?? I need them for sure, I get so nervous! Social anxiety to the max here. }:

Focus on the audience as a whole, and do not maintain 1:1 eye contact with any one person for too long, because that can be distracting and potentially nerve-wracking. You should do you, add value to your audience, and love it!


{ I love your thoughts on a “once in a lifetime” woman. How can I become one?? }:

She is a go-getter girl who is on a mission to write one of the greatest stories ever written.

She walks to the beat of her own drum, values herself immensely, has a very high degree of self-respect, class, and radiates joy throughout.

She loves humanity, and enlivens everything she does with passion, excitement, and a lot of love.

{ OK SO let’s talk your “Go-Getter Girls” concept! I LOVE IT. What exactly is “go getter girl” in your own words? }:

A go-getter girl is on a quest to write one of the greatest stories ever written.

Like the above, she is extraordinarily driven, loves humanity, and enlivens everyone she meets. All that she does with a lot of joy, love, and passion.

She deeply values her core beliefs, acts according to her morals, close to her friends and family, & very proud of her ambition.

{ What are some of the challenges in your field and how you handle them? }:

The greatest challenge in my field is innovative content creation. The way I have handled it thus far, is to constantly observe, be present, and engage in discussions with other people to determine what they feel are real needs in our society. Then. I can leverage my platform to fulfill those needs with passion, joy, and success.

{ Looking back, if you could do anything differently in building your brand, what would it be? }:

Good question, BABEE! I would have established a concrete written charter to guide how I choose to accept opportunities in ensuring that they align with my value proposition.

{ Currently, what is your favorite social media outlet & why? Any social media advice? }:

Pretty obsessed with Twitter, because it is a great way to connect with people from around the world in a matter of seconds and share content in short sentences, because everyone has a million things to do! YASSSS, be authentic, passionate, and think about sharing content about what every single person is thinking but no one is saying out loud!

{ What is next for you? }:

A keynote speaking engagement at a university this weekend on helping students to find their identity! SO EXCITING! 

{ Who are some of your favorite bloggers / influencers to follow? }:

I LOVE following power babes slaying the game in both their personal and professional lives. PRETTY OBSESSED with Jessica Alba at the moment! Girl’s got a billion dollar business, an amazing personality, a rocking family, and a beautiful husband. GOALS ON GOALS ON GOALS.

{ How do you see social media & business evolving and how do you plan to evolve with it? }:

Social media is already a critical portion of businesses in enabling generation of top line revenue growth as well as bottom line profit growth.

In the future, businesses will find it difficult to remain relevant and productive without a true social media strategy, which pretty much all of the new age digital businesses have today, but I still notice some of the older companies lacking in the social media marketing and strategy department.

I love social media’s organic reach to amplify value propositions and serve as an outlet for marketing services or products on a global scale!

{ What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? }:

Provide unique and differentiated value. The world is a very crowded place with a lot of people who are trying to do what you may be trying to do. Always think about how your value is completely and totally differentiated from what everyone else is providing. The world rewards those who are unapologetically themselves, and who provide different and unique value!

{ Finally, advice for others who are looking to follow their dreams, but not sure how? }:

Make it happen today. Seriously, just get started.

You will fall along the way, perhaps get a bit lost, but you will pick yourself up and keep running. Success comes to those who are simply the most resilient. Everyone fails and falls, that is normal, what is huge is you getting back up and finishing the race. Make an action plan, create goals, and knock them off one by one.

YOU GOT THIS, POWER BABE! We are all with you and are counting on you! Much love!



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