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{WEEKEND VIBES}: #bombshellangel - Champagne at Shannon's

{WEEKEND VIBES}: #bombshellangel

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{ shoes || sweatshirt || best water bottle ever – I zing lemons in mine! }

Soooo I have some big news over here (I guess?) that you know if you follow me on snapchat. For the first time in years, I joined a gym!

I have a love-hate relationship with gyms. Fitness is important to me, but I took a bit of a break from it. Let’s start with the bad, but I find gyms a bit creepy. I’m also a psycho about cleanliness and can’t handle gyms at their peak hours due to my annoying ass social anxiety. Also, I have a bit of a disordered past.

It’s the perfectionist in me & I have a tendency to overdo it & get obsessed. That was the reason why I cancelled my previous membership in the first place. I mentioned here (& can make a long personal post on it maybe?) that I have BDD & have for about 12 years now. Not a sob story, just transparency because I know I am not alone.

To put it bluntly, I have no idea what I even look like in the mirror – I see something completely different. It really is so hard to explain but those who get it, get it.

weekend coffee dates

{ vanilla hemp matcha lattes at work – check my superfood recipe here }

Anyways, to be completely honest, I think having a regimented routine will actually help me bash this for good.

I am going to snap pics every single day to track progress & hopefully mentally gain awareness on what I actually look like.

Also, I’ve been feeling lethargic, sloppy, and out of shape so it’s time to get it together. I am hoping this helps clear my mind more than anything.

My friend Courtney saw my snaps and instantly reached out (read her interview + story here) & sent me her newest workout plan. She really is the best.


{ loving a good contrast – a casual af sweatshirt with a sexy af choker… + my JORD of course! }

Anyways, starting today, I am on her #BOMBSHELLANGEL plan (inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Angels) & I couldn’t be any more stoked for it. I’ll also do a huge recap around Valentine’s since it is a 8 week program. Wish me luck, I was exhausted yesterday as I went through the plan, so I know it’s gonna be tough!

That said, I am super excited to get this going! As far as recipes, I am using my food diary from last year as inspo. Going to be making these sweet potatoes all the time. Don’t worry, I’ll spill EVERYTHING and share my progress with y’all as I go.

I’m going to create some workout playlists, as well, so let me know any must have songs! I can’t get enough of “Names” by Treasure Fingers + Bosco. Check it out here.


{ sunday coffee dates with bae }

Other than that… not so much. It’s Erik’s birthday this week so I need to figure out wtf to do for that. Any ideas? This is what I did last year.

Speaking of #bombshellangel… the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is tonight!!!! I am sooooo so so excited, especially for Bruno + Lady Gaga. In fact, I am OBSESSED with Kendall Jenner’s black + white look. If you’re loving it as much as I am, be sure to tune in to the blog on Wednesday 😉 x


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