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Weekend Vibes :: My Boyfriend's birthday! 

Weekend Vibes :: My Boyfriend’s Birthday + what I got him!

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Hey what’s up hello

{ holiday spirit // champagne at shannon's }
holiday vibes outside my boyfriend’s office

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Another low-key one here. I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I’ve hardly seen my boyfriend since Thanksgiving. He’s been all over the place for work – including his birthday last week, which he spent in Tokyo!

On Friday, we had a super low-key evening. We went to a local favourite, Plate, and took home dinner – spicy Ethiopian lentils for me and a turkey pot pie for him. We LOVE Plate – not only is it right around the block, but it is specifically a carryout restaurant. Everything there is healthy, pre-portioned, and fresh. I’ve mentioned it here, but you take home a plate and put it in the oven for an ultimate “home cooked’ cheat. We usually save it for the weekend but all we wanted to do was stay in, drink wine, and catch up on Fargo {speaking of – that last episode was CRAY!}, etc.

We wanted to have a night in because I had some big plans for us on Saturday.

To preface everything, my guy is very hard to shop for. He’s very minimalistic {aka he doesn’t want presents just to have them}, he has practically everything he wants, & hates clutter.

Not to sound like a total hater, but I can never go off “Gift Guides for Him” that are on every single blog ever. He’s not a cologne guy, very specific when it comes to his shoes & golf supplies, he doesn’t cook {lol}, has plenty of glassware, doesn’t have an iphone {there always seems to be something iphone related on those guides}, & with clothes he can’t buy off the rack {if you’ve met him or seen any pictures of him, he is extremely tall}. Not to mention, like me, he wears the same thing, so he never really needs clothes.

If we are being completely real and honest, not to sound like the worst girlfriend ever but….

I didn’t get him anything last year. ?

Yup. Not a damn thing. Officially the worst girlfriend ever. But not, because I know him so well that he would be much more annoyed with me just getting him something random that will clutter up his apartment. We both live in studio apartments in SF, so I totally get how much of a luxury space is & how obnoxious clutter can get.

He didn’t mind, of course, but I felt bad all year and promised I would not do that again, all while continuing to stress out about wtf to even get him…. until a couple of weeks ago. And it’s a secret I’ve been keeping…

Do you guys remember this weekend here? My best friend, Michelle,  & her awesome husband came in town. Both of our guys are huge golfers, so we stayed at the Silverado so they could golf? Well golf takes all freaking day, so my friend and I were able to have major girl time and we spent the majority of it at a really rad restaurant / wine bar called Bounty Hunter. This place is so crazy good because not only do they serve BBQ {aka the key to this Texan’s Heart} but have a killer wine & whisky list.

{ bounty hunter in napa // champagne at shannon's } { bounty hunter in napa // champagne at shannon's } Rad Neons at Bounty Hunter

I’m one of those people that can spend hours reading menus. I think it’s because I am so obsessed with food & bev, but I will read it like a novel. Even after we order, I am one of those who holds onto the menu and reads it through the duration of our stay. ESPECIALLY with beverage: cocktails, wine, spirits, beers – you name it.

Soooo I was reading the menu and one thing that caught my eye was their quarterly Whiskey Runner club! And I knew it was a done deal. When I got back to the office, I called Bounty Hunter to inquire about the club. I wanted it for Erik, but I was scared we already missed the last shipment of the quarter. The associate {who was incredible, btw – if this is something you are interested in, email me and I will connect you} explained the club and said the next and final shipment of the year was the week of December 7th which was RIGHT before his birthday , and said we could easily pick it up the weekend of the 12th.

Done & done – the timing could not be more perfect!

I signed up for it, and we went over to Bounty Hunter and got some BBQ & took home the whisky!

We are extremely fortunate to live so close to wine country, so like all of our wine memberships, I opted to pick it up in person rather than shipping it to us – so we have an excuse to get out there, and we always make it a special day when we pick up our shipments. Plus, all of ours are in Sonoma so it’s nice to add a Napa one to the list.

{ scotch & whisky club for the best gift idea ever for him // champagne at shannons }
my boyfriend’s first shipment! + his not too shabby home bar 😉

He LOVED it! Not only will he get to experience some really neat and rare whiskys, but it is something a little more special than just a random bottle – included are a ton of perks to the membership that he and I will find useful. Also, one of the first presents I ever got him for his birthday was a whisky locker at a whisky lounge in SF called Nihon, so it was a fun nod to that. If you love whisky and are in SF, it’s another place you MUST check out. By the way, how many times in one paragraph can I say whisky?!

He’s also one of those who’s birthday is so close to Christmas, so I have a little something something somewhat related coming to all this right before we leave next week {!!!!!!!} to add to his whisky experience – stay tuned – can’t post it yet since he reads here. 😉 hi love!

Other than that, we finished our Sunday in the city at the usual, brunch at Barney’s, and I packed for Australia and Fiji! Next weekend will be so crazy – my father comes in town aka the best petsitter in the world {thank you SO much}- on top of working full-time, my company’s holiday party, and getting everything in order in both my professional and personal life, so I wanted to get that out of the way. It’s so weird packing summer dresses & bikinis while it is winter here! {remember, I am Texan, so anything under 70 is cold to me}.

Also, I do understand how obnoxious that sentence above was, sorry, but I am just so stoked! We have had this trip planned for almost 6 months now – crazy how time flies.

{ brunching at barneys per usu // champagne at shannons } Sunday Traditions – Brunch at Barney’s :: Lettuce wrapped blackened chicken sandwich with jack cheese, bacon, avocados, onions & jalapenos & TONS of Dijon – yum!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! How was yours spent? Do tell! Anything I MUST pack to the land down under?? I am SURE I am forgetting something…..

PS – I will do a full blown post on wine / spirit memberships when I get back, but if you have any questions about them – please shoot me an email. Happy to answer any questions, give guidance, or send you to the right people. They can be an investment, but something I truly think is worth it & one of my favourite things to do for two, plus many places have them for all sorts of price ranges.



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