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{ #WEEKENDVIBES }: Dallas & ...stuff. - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #WEEKENDVIBES }: Dallas & …stuff.

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Well, well, well, hello there.

If you’re a C@S follower, you likely noticed I’ve been a bit MIA.

Something random happened in my life on Monday that stole my focus and energy. I’m making it sound like a bigger deal than what it was but those in San Francisco will get it. Once everything is 100% official, I’ll fill y’all in. Right now, we are at 97%.

Pretty much, last week was extremely emotionally draining but it’s all for a good cause. And it will effect this little blog of mine in a phenomenal way.

Anyways, I’ll stop being annoyingly vague but I promise I will spill as soon as I can (including how it will effect the blog & exciting things you can expect from me). I’ll also do an emotional post that hopefully some people can relate to. It’s all good stuff – albeit a bit materialistic – just stressful.

Anyways, I am currently coming at you a glass or two deep of red wine in the air back from Dallas, Texas.

You may or may not know but I lived in Dallas from 2010 – 2013… and this was my first time back since moving.

A girlfriend of mine was getting married, not to mention I had no shortage of people to see and places to go.

Erik & I stayed at the Omni in Downtown Dallas and we highly recommend it. The location is pretty central, there are so many restaurants / bars in the complex, and it’s a simple walk to downtown & Deep Ellum.

We spent a lot of time at restaurants and bars (so sue us).


On Thursday, I was on the hunt for a legit late night dinner. Via Facebook, I asked what’s good these days and unanimously, everyone said Gemma! We finished our night with steak frites, the most sinful sweetbreads ever, bucatini, turkey meatballs, shishito peppers, okra and plenty of sparkling rosé.

We spent the next day downtown. I used to live in Downtown Dallas, so it was really interesting to walk around my old neighborhood and see what has changed and what stayed the same. I had to get my queso fix, of course, so we stopped by an old favourite, Sol Irandes, for the good stuff and legit Tex Mex fajitas!


Afterwards, we decided to keep walking downtown & over to Deep Ellum.

We had a few hours to spare before the wedding, so we found ourselves in Braindead Brewery with a girlfriend of mine. Super clean, industrial decor with tons of Texas beers including their own. I LOVED the “wash up” detail by the sink & the wall art.

I am a big fan of Belgian style brews so I had the Idle Play Things & could of easily have had plenty more.

Phenomenal stuff.

dallas-by-champagne-at-shannons-texas-braindead-brewing dallas-by-champagne-at-shanons-braindead-brewing-lighting


The next day, we did brunch in uptown at a place called Henry’s Majestic. This was a new place that came in after I left & man was it good.

I had the corned beef hash which was INSANE but my favourite part?? A Build-Your-Own Mimosa bar!

It was full of fun juices like Prickly Pear & Blood Orange but the coolest part? All the macerated fruits. Think Angostura Blueberries, Lillet Strawberries, and Contrieau Blackberries. ALLLLLL up my alley.

The bar also had an apothecary feel to it which y’all know I love.

dallas-by-champagne-at-shannons-henrys-majestic-mimosa-bar-byo dallas-by-champagne-at-shannons-prescriptions-henrys-majestic

Erik wanted to watch the Ryder Cup, so we headed over to another old fave: The Libertine on Lower Greenville.

Well, it’s now Erik’s new favourite bar.

I actually ran into a girlfriend of mine there who made me an INSANE milk punch she is working on for the winter.

She described it as “Christmas In Your Mouth” & I can’t deny. Think Applejack (which I don’t think enough bars use as much as they should), gingerbread, & cinnamon.

Afterward, we headed into Rapscallion to see another friend of mine who works there. She suggested a drink called Bali Til You Fall which was ridiculously good. In fact, it reminded me of Fiji. It’s meant for two to share, but as tiki as you can get and served in a golden pineapple with fun curly straws.


dallas-by-champagne-at-shanons-libertine-bar-entrance dallas-by-champagne-at-shannons-the-libertine-bar-texas

That evening, we headed off to Knife for dinner to see an old friend of mine, John Tesar. I absolutely LOVED it. I am a major steak girl (as you can tell here) & his dry aged rib-eye was one of the best, most flavourful I’ve ever had. It was wonderful to catch up with him and introduce him to Erik.

Afterwards, we met up with more friends at a ridiculous bar called Happiest Hour which was humongous…. then now to Sunday!

We got brunch with one of my best friends in the world (since 6th grade), her husband, and her sweet baby girls! It was my first time to meet her little ones which was such an amazing feeling. Afterwards, Erik & I killed time at a bar in Greenville called The Old Crow where we played darts, drank some Lone Star, and ate some homemade queso. All in all, a good day… and now I be on the plane.

champagne-at-shannons-dallas-crow-bar-one-star-beer dallas-by-champagne-at-shannons-old-crow-interior dallas-by-champagne-at-shannons-old-crow-interior-2

I’ll admit, it was pretty emotional for me, but really in a great way.

I honestly did not know what to expect. I’ll admit, when I left in 2013, I left to figure shit out. I was in a strange place figuring out really… what do I want from life, love, and my professional development? Well, in the fall of 2013, all signs led me to San Francisco.

The past three years have been insanely rewarding as I constantly chip away to make things I’ve dreamed of happening.

Now, fast forward to this weekend. I seriously am on cloud nine.


I had a wonderful time in Dallas, and really saw a city that is extremely special in my heart.

One thing that was interesting was that Dallas no longer felt like home. This weekend felt like a fun visit vs a visit back home… if that makes any sense.

Though I knew exactly where I was at any given time, and knew the city & the streets like the back of my hand, nothing felt familiar. Though I have plenty (plenttttyyyyyyy) of memories, I no longer have the emotional connection.

In fact, on Friday, I wandered a bit downtown and went to my old apartment (which I loved VERY much when I lived there & was still strangely nostalgic for). In fact, it was one thing I missed the most from Dallas, which may sound strange. I was extremely tied to it only to get there, see it, go in the lobby in person again, and realize it’s just another building. It’s weird, because as I was standing there on Ervay Street, I felt nothing. Great memories were had, yes, but the emotional tie just isn’t there anymore. A strange sense of closure, I suppose.

Anyways, I found those feelings interesting & would be curious if anyone else can relate?

Also, I’ll put together a guide on where to go in Dallas. Today I just wanted to write, diary style, since I have been a bit distant lately but c’est la vie.

Now, let’s talk the blog!

This week, you can expect a fun interview with some social media babes on Wednesday & the usual Friday music. I’ll also put together a Dallas guide for y’all soon while it’s fresh and make it nice and pretty.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

x Shannon




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