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{ WEEKEND VIBES }: From my iPhone + updates + a 20 minute recipe! - Champagne at Shannon's

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: From my iPhone + updates + a 20 minute recipe!

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{ Lazy Sundays in Spell Designs // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Lazy Days with Lucy in Spell Tiger Flares- sold out, tho }

…Like Flo Rida says: Because Monday so many, damn it.

And here we be..

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

{ Happy Hour at Sens, San Francisco // Weekend Vibes } { Dreamy Happy Hour Vibes at Sens on Friday }

If you follow me on Snapchat, a few weeks ago, I had a giant closet emergency. No joke, the rod holding everything up broke. And honestly, I ignored the problem for as long as I could. That said, in a tiny city studio apartment, closet space is a major luxury. My place was getting VERY messy (because I lost my storage area so I was just putting things in places they did not belong) and I finally had my much needed breaking point.

My boyfriend was at a golf tournament, and I was finally fed up with ignoring it so I tried to figure out a solution. Hanging anything was out, so I got on Amazon Now and ordered a shoe rack & build yourself shelves, so that was my weekend project. Amazon Now is a major godsend. Think on demand Amazon delivery within 1-2 hours, with the same Amazon prices (+ gratuity). AH-mazing.

This took about the entire day, but my apartment is finally on it’s way to getting majorly organized. The closet still needs work, but at least I got a major start on it!

In fact, I’m about to go Khloe Kardashian on my kitchen soon. She was right when she said her baking cabinet is #GOALS – seriously, she is major inspo when it comes to organizing.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out her baking cabinet & fridge . I’m seriously considering getting her app for all this. Say what you will about the Kardashians, but homegirl knows her organization.

It weirdly sounds like a fun weekend project, and with all my teas, lentils, quinoa, and other things, I’d like to get super organized. I’d also like to dedicate some place for my coffee / smoothie adds: think Baobab, Magnesium, Maca, COLLAGEN {duh}, etc.

So that’s on my agenda. Also, I probably should re-evaluate my definition of fun.

{ Date Night at Causwell's., San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Sexy Saturday Date Night Vibes – Rose for me & Banshee Pinot for him }

Other than that, we had a date night since I was craving a burger BAD (housework is no joke ;)) so we went to my fave: Causwells! {mentioned here & here}

Sunday, we brunched, we house hunted, we played chess, and did my #1 favourite chore: went to the butcher {MARINA MEATS FTW} + grocery store

Yes, that’s right. I know this sounds basic, but I can’t begin to explain the rut I’ve been in. I’ve been tired, unmotivated, stressed, sick – you name it. Cooking for Two unfortunately wasn’t a priority.

But, let’s rewind…

I’m feeling sick & tired.

Why? Not to sound like a psycho, but I guarantee a big reason is me just putting whatevs in my body. Literally, I’ve been “meh” about everything, stress eating, too much carryout, but I wasn’t preparing anything (& throwing away a ton of money for no reason).

So I’m sick of tired of being sick and tired, so like other aspects of life, I took control and got down with it.

{ House Hunting in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }{ House Hunting in San Francisco }

And it felt good.

So good.

That’s also a big reason why you haven’t seen many recipes on the blog lately. And that will change soon!

PS – what I made was super, super easy & bomb af – here is a quick recipe for you! LMK if you have any questions

Boiled brown rice + millet ramen noodles in a mix of extra jiggly collagen filled bone broth my butcher made, chicken broth and water. Ground pork mixed with minced shallot, kale, spinach, coconut sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil, then sauteed over a lil bit of grapeseed oil. Once finished, sauteed very briefly with shitake mushrooms & the ramen. Prior to serving, I mixed in some shredded spinach + kale. MAJOR HIT & literally took 20 mins.
NOTE:: can easily sub the pork with chicken, beef, or tofu // sub ramen for brown rice or pad thai noodles

Speaking of the blog and recipes, I wanted to give an update on some things…

As you can see, I’ve been getting more and more into my music section, and I am going to keep that super regular. You can expect a song highlight here every single Friday, live right at 12:00 AM PT.

It is something that means so much to me, and I am stoked to get more regular with it. That said, if you have any songs I HAVE HAVE HAVE to check out, seriously, let me know!

{ Brunch at Baker Street Bistro, San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's } { Brunch at Baker Street Bistro }

As far as the blog, still expect to see recipes (I promise, y’all – so sorry), business advice, WCW interviews, Power Couple interviews.

I also will start to focus more on coffee & tea. I know this sounds super basic, but it’s a series on it’s own. I’m actually about to start making my own tea blends which I am beyond stoked about, so I will share them here! Coffee – I have a ton of tips and tricks with it.

soooo This week: expect a new, easy ass recipe on Wednesday, and a rad song on Friday.

Gettin back in the groove, y’all!

Anyone have some rad organization tips?! LMK

Have a wonderful week! x




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