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Weekend Vibes :: Travel Aftermath... - Champagne at Shannon's

Weekend Vibes :: Travel Aftermath…

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Hello from California!

{ Shannon Silver leaving Melbourne, Australia // Champagne at Shannon's }{ first sight of land after 16 hours of ocean - Los Angeles, California // Champagne at Shannon's }Leaving Melbourne 🙁 // first sight of California from the plane

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As you may or may not know, I have returned from our long holiday in Australia!

This weekend has been weird, though.

For starters, we left Melbourne on Saturday at 10:00 AM and landed in San Francisco at 12:00 PM on that same Saturday. On top of that, if you follow me on Snapchat, you already know I cannot sleep on planes. Ever. Really, it is a problem. That means no matter how many glasses of champagne or red wine, I can’t sleep.

So pretty much, the weirdest all nighter ever and major jetlag.

And it is hitting me. Hard.

{ Shannon Silver talks dealing with jetlag // Champagne at Shannon's }bae caught me slippin’… literally zonked out at baggage claim.

I am extremely dehydrated {the extra wine on the plane did NOT help}, I cannot keep my eyes open – the second I lay down, I fall asleep {literally fell asleep in the airport on Saturday when I was waiting for our bags as seen on Instagram & above}, my stomach hurts, my body is completely cramped in every place, my posture is even worse than before {aka EXTRA stretching tonight}, I’m completely nauseous, and I have zero appetite. #GLAMLIFE

Anyways, this isn’t supposed to be a boring “woe is me” post, I am actually kind of writing it as an SOS because I need all the recovery tips possible!

So far, I’ve been….

⚜ 1. Drinking my weight in Tea & Water.

I know tea can be dehydrating, but it also is completely nourishing, and peppermint works wonders for the digestive system. I am keeping my ratio at 1 tea : 2 water. I drink a glass of water before and after my tea to stay hydrated.

⚜ 2. Detox MILK bath.

Oh, this is a new, exciting one to my arsenal! I picked up the most incredible milk bath & exotic oil ever in Fiji, so I am adding it to my detox arsenal today. My skin is extremely dry from the constant sun exposure & the pressurized air, so this is to add some extra moisture. I got the coconut exotic oil since all of our products at Likuliku was this scent {nostalgia purposes!} and the Milk & Honey bath since it has royal jelly in it, which is GREAT for skin toning & hydration.

{{ NOTE: Stay tuned for plenty of posts on the products from Fiji. Seriously, they are life-changing and I’ve seen a  HUGE difference in my hair and skin within the past 10 days from these products alone. Best brand out there, no comparison. }}

⚜ 3. Oil Diffuser & Salt Lamp.

I’ve mentioned here I use both for relaxation purposes & to create a spa-like ambiance in my house during stressful times. Though I am not mentally stressed, my body is under extreme stress, so this is helping my body calm. Not to mention, I was able to purchase at the resort they exact essential oil they used in our bure at Fiji, so it really helps take me back! Unfortunately, I cannot find it online, but it is a blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Mandarin, Patchouli, Geranium, & Majoram if you want to give it a go and make your own blend!

Exact products I use: salt lamp // oil diffuser

⚜ 4. Plenty of Kitten canoodles!

Enough said. The BEST part of coming home is being reunited with my sweet cat, Lucy aka Freak-A-Leek aka Hotline Bling! Kitty hugs overload right now, and it is the best thing in the world.

{ Shannon Silver and her cat, Lucy // Champagne at Shannon's }Lucy snuggles, so necessary { via snapchat }

⚜ 5. Chill music.

I have a playlist on an old school iPod that I keep on constantly as background music. I haven’t updated it since 2010! I love it {my cat does too! I’ve had her since 2010, as well} since it weirdly doesn’t distract me, and I find it therapeutic. I’ll try and make a Spotify playlist on it if I can find the songs, but it has a bunch of Crystal Castles, some chill remixes of favourite songs { love the Villa Remix of Adele’s Rolling in the deeps }, entirely too much Daft Punk aka FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME, and some favourites since the late 2000s.

Here is a sneak peek of it, if you are interested:

And that is about it. As far as my FTJ, I am doing the same things I normally do in the work week {Spicy Lemon-Aid first thing in the AM, Collagen coffees, plenty of tea} and just getting back on track completely. I find the best way, work-wise, to get back on track after a long vacation is to literally hit the ground running and pick things right back off as if no time has passed. Anyone else?

On another note, in regards to my work & the blog I am COMPLETELY energized and ready to get back at it, and hard! I left both Australia & Fiji completely inspired so I cannot wait to really dive into it all here, and take my work to the next level in all aspects of my life.

{ night turning into day // champagne at shannon's }Night turning to Day

Stay tuned for a HUGE anti-aging secret I will be sharing on Friday that I learned from Fiji. I snapped it this weekend for a sneak-peek, but it is seriously magical. I am stoked to share it! Trust me, you haven’t heard of it… yet.
>>> In case you missed it, my Byron Bay recap is here & a very short Fiji update + playlist is here.

Now, I need your help! Any secrets to overcoming jetlag? Any productivity secrets? How were your holidays? I’m all ears!

Talk soon,


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