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Weekend Vibes: My last weekend in America for 2015

Weekend Vibes:: My Last Weekend in California for 2015

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{ san francisco holiday party vibes // champagne at shannon's }
{ weekend san francisco holiday party vibes - crab legs // champagne at shannon's }
{ holiday party vibes, san francisco // champagne at shannons }
{ san francisco holiday party vibes- shannon silver // champagne at shannon's }

Holiday Partying // faux fur {always} here

Hey everyone – I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was eventful, but not, but eventful, but not, but okay fine, whatever.
Mostly eventful on the fact that it is my final days before we leave for our long holiday to Australia and Fiji.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited, but at this point as we get into the final hours, all I want is to be on the plane aka stop stressin’ {where my magnesium at?!} and chill out for 20 hours.

I’ve been packing since last week, as well as making sure all personal and professional ties are tied.

This weekend, we spent it recovering from my company’s holiday party. Friday included a cozy dinner at Pacific Catch then walking back home & hiding from the rain by opening some bomb red wine from Bounty Hunter & finishing Fargo.

{ weekend vibes at Pacific Catch, San Francisco // champagne at shannon's }

{ Weekend Vibes: Hair of the Dog x Bounty Huter, Napa CA // Champagne at Shannon's }
Friday Night at Pacific Catch :: Blackened Salmon with Brussels Sproutes + Bacon, tons of sriracha, Pinot Noir & stealing my boyfriend’s Sapporo! // Friday’s wine – sweatshirt by Brandy Melville

The next day, I continued to finish packing. Is it normal to take like 10 swimsuits? Really stoked about this new addition to my arsenal {SUPER good deal, btw & it looks incredible on} & fully intend on picking up some more while I am there since Australia just has fashion totally figured out.

On top of it all, my boyfriend and I grabbed brunch 1 out of 2 at Barney’s – last 2 of the year!! – and then did some last minute shopping at Brandy Melville… where if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that apparently one size fits all. #ERIKforbrandymodel

{ weekend vibes - scotch drink via brandy melville // shannon silver }
Poetry via Brandy Melville :: “Scotch Drink”


Anyways, then my father came in town & we all did a nice Spanish dinner here in the ‘hood at Alegrias. Lots of rad paella & empanadas. YUM!
>>> If you have any SF reccs for him, let me know! I am making him a list of things to do / eat / drink / see while he is here.

Sunday, we finished it up with some local favourites: usual brunch at Barney’s and dinner at Delarosa.. All while spending valuable time in between with Miss freak-a-leek aka hotline bling aka  Lucy, who I am going to miss a LOT {understatement of the year} but she is in VERY good hands. 🙂

{ weekend vibes: brunch at barney's san francisco // champagne at shannon's }
{sneak peek into my snapchats // champagne at shannon's }

Final Barney’s Brunch :: wedge salad with blackened chicken + avocado = BOMB // Snaps from the weekend :: Hotline Bling + my boyfriend and his new love for pepper

Well, in about 24 hours, I will be on a plane over the Pacific Ocean. I am beyond stoked but sooo ready…. but also freaking the hell out because I get major anxiety re: flying – anyone else self medicate with a ton of champagne?!

My question to you is what are the must see places to eat / drink / shop?!

We are spending our time in Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, and Fiji. Full disclosure, but I am already completely  prepared to go totally broke in Byron Bay and beyond stoked to shop my little heart out at the actual Spell Designs store. Any others??

The other totally wild thing is that we leave Tuesday, and then arrive on Christmas Eve!

{ rainy san francisco vibes with free people sunglasses // champagne at shannon's }

rainy day vibes :: sunglasses here

As to what expect while I am gone…

I will be blogging, but not as regularly – a big reason for this vacation was for us both to take some time off of work, and enjoy each other’s company.

I will try and do some mini-real time recaps and will post at least once a week. However, you can follow me on either snapchat {un: shnnnlynn}, or Instagram {@shannonsilver} because I will be updating those regularly! When I am back in California, I will do some full bore travel guides for you guys, and get back to my regular posting schedule.

Until then, please let me know any must do’s – we are totally unfamiliar with both Australia and Oceania so we are open books & plan on exploring like crazy! I really love everyone’s comments, so I trust your input.

I would especially love to know any good places for live music! Soooo bummed we missed Bella Sarris by a matter of days! { check out her last set in Sydney here – she is phenomenal and such a babe }

Also, packing!!!!!

Anything I must MAKE SURE I have? I already bought a new “Life Proof” {aka Shannon Proof} phone-case to get some rad photos waterside but anything else I am not thinking of?! Let me know. I am sure I am forgetting it!

Call me crazy but I fully intend on bringing my magnesium & collagen! I’ve heard Australia has bommmmbbbb coffee! PS – I will do a post all about magnesium very soon, promise. So good, my boyfriend stole mine!

How about you? Any big holiday plans or travel coming up? How are you spending the end of the year?

Talk soon from the other side of the world! Happy holidays! From my glass to yours…. cheers!



For real-time updates from Australia & Fiji, follow me on Instagram // Facebook // Snapchat


Sneak a Peek into my Bag!:
{yes, everything linked here is in my bag, however prints may vary – I know it is a lot! and this isn’t even half of it}

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