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{ WEEKEND VIBES }: London Calling! - Champagne at Shannon's

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: London Calling!

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TL;DR – What we did in London here

Well…. just like that the weekend is over! But I find that tends to be my MO every Monday.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t because I dread working – I actually love hitting the ground running on Mondays – I guess I just always wish there was one extra day. Maybe it is just me, but a 5 day work week & 3 day weekend would be ideal.

This weekend was no exception.

For starters, it all was so impromptu… I know this sounds crazy but I made the impulsive decision to join my boyfriend in London for the weekend. And it went by way too fast.

We left California around 7:00 PM on Thursday and landed at Heathrow on Friday at 2:00 PM.

Not even going to lie or sugarcoat it, but I was pretty jetlagged on Friday. I made a huuuuuuge, huge deal to my boyfriend that we had to tough it out and can’t sleep until it was bed time & the first thing I did when we got to the hotel was went to bed and woke up at 8:00 PM.

{ London Calling // Champagne at Shannon's }

Speaking of hotel, we stayed at the Brown’s in London. I have such a sweet spot for that place. The location is fantastic, the staff is top notch, the rooms are lovely, and it houses both the restaurant Hix & the Donovan Bar. The Donovan Bar is one of my absolute favourites in London, for SURE.

Anyways, so I wake up at 8:00 PM and my boyfriend had a business dinner so I had the next few hours to myself. I went to a pub right across the street called The Goat Tavern where I had a Waygu burger and a beer, of course. The bartender, Viata, was super sweet and I could of spent all night talking to her!

Afterwards, I met my boyfriend at one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to (and of course I took very little photos of it, ugh) at the Connaught Hotel.

Seriously, if you go to London, you must go here.

It is sexy, with a phenomenal drink list and great photos where I found my new favourite illustration of an Octopus upside down in a Champagne coupe.

{ Ladies Room at the Connaught }{ Octopus Illustration at the Connaught Hotel, London // Champagne at SHannon's }
{ Powder Room at the Connaught // new favourite illustration }

The decor was very Gatsby-esque. Think velvet chairs, a mirrored bar, a sexy fireplace, and it smelled SO so good. Seriously, I am going to try and find a candle of it. Think scotch mixed with cedar mixed with leather & firesmoke. YUM!

They also made one of the best Aviations I’ve ever had. A good aviation should be sky blue & these were no exception. If you haven’t had one, you MUST try it: Gin, Creme de Violette, Lemon Juice, & Maraschino.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and got some much needed rest….and didn’t wake up until 1:00 PM. Oops!

We rushed out of bed and got going. This was our only day in London and we already wasted half of it sleeping!

{ Erik Schuchard in London // Champagne at Shannon's } { Shannon Silver n London // Champagne at Shannon's }

We literally had no plan so we decided to just walk the streets and see where we ended up…. and that ended up being THE best plan ever.

We decided to head over to the Science Museum, find lunch along the way, and then see what touristy things we can do afterwards.

It ended up being almost a four mile walk with a ton of sightseeing.

I started getting hungry aka very hangry after mile 2.5 so my boyfriend & I decided to poke into whatever restaurant we can find… and the one we found was INCREDIBLE.

It was called Balans Soho Society & was seriously one of the best restaurants I have ever been to.

{ Barlans Soho Society in London // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Barlans Soho Society in London // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Candle at Balan's Soho Society // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Exterior & Interior at Barlan Soho Society // coolest candle holder ever }

We started with drinks, as you should on a weekend getaway and my cocktail was seriously one of the best I have ever had.

It was called a Pornstar and was made with vodka, vanilla, and passionfruit, served alongside a SHOT of champagne to top the drink with. I could seriously drink wayyyy too many of those and I am absolutely working on a recipe to perfect on for you guys. Seriously, I am still dreaming about it.

{ Porn Star at Balans Soho Society, London // Champagne at SHannon's }

We went super traditional and got a burger {medium rare, please!}, and the fried haddock and chips. OMG, y’all,, the fried haddock was HUGE. It seriously had to be 14 inches long and 3-5 inches thick. The breading was absolutely perfect & I can never get enough chips 😉

Another pornstar later, and we were on our way out… not to mention, the welcome title had our theme to the weekend {much cooler than our theme of our Vegas weekend 😉 }

{ Best Plan No Plan at Balans Soho Society // Champagne at Shannon's }


We went on with our merry way to the Science Museum – which was WAY cool.

For starters, there is no admission fee to the museums, just donations which I love. My boyfriend and I agree that spreading basic science information is one of the most important things we can do as a society, so making it complimentary makes it so easy for people to acquaint themselves with science.

{ Tracey Emin at the Brown's Hotel in Lodnon // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Tracey Emin – one of my favourite artists – at HIX at the Brown’s Hotel. Check out her work HERE, she is incredible. }

Unfortunately, we only had about 2 hours there but we could of easily spent all day there. My favourite exhibition was the Outerspace section.

Story for another day, but I am absolutely fascinated by outerspace, the galaxy, the unknown, our solar system & the planets in it {Neptune is my favourite}. Seriously. Another thing I would do if I did life differently would be to study space in college.

Anyways, we perused the museum {with a rocky road brownie in hand OMG} until close.

{ The Gates at the Royal Palace // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Shannon Silver & Erik Schuchard in London // Champagne at Shannon's }

We hopped in a cab and headed straight to The Buckingham Palace.

Of course it was jampacked, and I’ve seen it before, so we snapped some pics, walked through the Royal Gardens and headed towards the Churchill War Rooms.

They were also closed so we just walked through the exterior of them.

{ Churchill War Rooms in London, UK // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Erik Schuchard at the Churchill War Rooms in London // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Churchill War Rooms // my love }

Now, all this walking made us very, very thirsty so we stopped in a pub called Red Lion Pub which was seriously SO cool. It was owned by Fuller’s so all the beers were from them.

I forgot what my boyfriend got but I had the Honey Dew and it was delicious.

The decor was stunning too – think bronze chandeliers everywhere, a mahogany bar, etc.

{ Red Lion Pub in London // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Red Lion Pub in London // Champagne at Shannon's }{ The Red Lion Pub in London }

I really wanted Erik to see Big Ben, because I knew he would love it.

If you go to London, it is one of the touristy things you have to see. It is seriously so stunning.

{ Big Ben in London // Champagne at Shannon's }

Shannon Silver & Erik Schuchard at Big Ben, London

We took more pictures and headed straight to The London Eye.

Next to Balans Soho Society, this HAD to have been my favourite part of the trip.

If you are unfamiliar with the London Eye, it is a giant Ferris Wheel with spectacular views of London. Yes, it’s very touristy, but it is something everyone should do once in London.

That said, both Erik & I do NOT handle crowds well. Social Anxiety can really get the best of me here…

Well, we walk in and see the option to have a “Champagne Experience”. Hmmmm sounds up my alley

Guys, this is my biggest tip I have for you if you go to London.

Do the Champagne Experience on the Eye.

SERIOUSLY. EVEN IF YOU DON’T DRINK OR HATE CHAMPAGNE. It’s about £10 more than the normal packages and 100% worth it. For starters, it’s sponsored by Pommery so you are guaranteed some bomb bubbles. Your Champagne Pass not only gets you a private tour host on the pods, but you have a set time on when to go, and can enjoy your time in their private sky lounge. You also have priority access, so you get to skip all the lines.

The pods can normally carry about 30 people, but for the champagne pass they cut it off at 18 people, so you have a pod with plenty of room, not to mention plenty of champagne!

To make it even better, our ride started at 8:30 so we had sunset. The views were absolutely stunning and it was so neat to see the city slowly light up by the minute as the sky got darker.

{ London via the London Eye // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Big Ben from the London Eye // Champagne at Shannon's }

At around 9:30, we headed back to the hotel and decided to get dinner at my boyfriend’s favourite place in London, Burger & Lobster. He took a quick shower, and I grabbed a Secret Garden {Gin, rose + coconut syrup, lavander coconut milk, pineapple, & lime served ina  pineapple garnished witha  rose – UM YES} at the Donovan Bar.

WELL, unfortunately, Burger & Lobster had no room for us and told us they are done seating for the night. Boo. We walked around a bit but many places were closed, so we decided to head back to Donovan.

There, I sipped rose while he had scotch, and we shared a burger and more chips PS – I much prefer the term chips vs fries.

We were exhausted so we decided to call it a night… and the best thing was that our room was only steps away from where we were!

{ Jerome Dreyfuss in Mayfair, London - DYING for this bag! // Champagne at Shannon's }{ The Jerome Dreyfuss bag I am DYING for rn }

Now, we had soooo many big plans – back to the science museum! And then London Bridge! And then the Tower! And then a high tea! And as much as we can possibly do before our afternoon flight….

…..and then we decided the next morning NO. Let’s just relax.

So that we did.

We went downstairs to HIX for brunch which was absolutely lovely. Seriously, they had everything you could possibly want, including nut milk infused with maca powder. The strawberries they had were some of the freshest I’ve ever tasted & Erik was a huge fan of the eggs.

{ Table for Two at the Brown's in London // Champagne at Shannon's }{ The most Darling Table for Two at the Brown’s Hotel }

We decided to walk all around Mayfair until our flight. It was actually a holiday so everything was closed, but it sure made the walk beautiful.

We window-shopped, admired the architecture, held hands, and took plenty of photos.

Before we knew it, it was time to go. I thought about stopping by Aubaine to get my favourite dessert: A macaron the size of my head – I’m not even kidding, but decided against it since we were pressed for time.

One other thing I wish we had time for was High Tea at the Savoy – next time!

Before we knew it, we were on our flight back to San Francisco.

Shockingly, I had NO jetlag coming back. Seriously! You would have thought we were coming back from LA or somewhere. The trick is you have to put yourself in the timezone of the place you are arriving! So I timed my naps accordingly and it worked like a charm. I SHOULD have done that on my way there, but c’est la vie! Check out my Instagram for more tips on beating jetlag!


♡ Champagne at Shannon’s London 2016 


⚜   Brown’s Hotel

Dining / Drinks

⚜   HIX at the Brown’s
⚜   Balans Soho Society
⚜   Burger & Lobster
⚜   Aubaine
⚜   The Donovan Bar
⚜   The Bar at the Connaught
⚜   The Red Lion Pub by Fuller’s
⚜   The Goat Tavern

Attractions {some might sound basic but they are worth it!}

⚜   The London Eye
⚜   Science Museum
⚜   Big Ben
⚜   Buckingham Palace
⚜   Churchill War Rooms
⚜   Harrod’s


Have you ever been to London? What are your favourite things to do? Next Euro trip on my list is either Amsterdam or Paris!

Talk soon,




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