{ WEEKEND VIBES }: Wine Country & Hitting a MAJOR Reset… From my iPhone AGAIN

Happy Monday!

I hope yours is off to a productive start.

Not even going to lie, but this weekend I drank entirely way too much wine. Like… the kind of too much where you don’t realize it until it’s a bit too late and it’s 8:00pm on a Sunday and you decide it is bedtime.

That said, I am feeling MAJORLY rested and relaxed. #YOL…eux? (har har wine humour)

Also, this weekend was a MAJOR blog fail since we brought the camera everywhere we went…. but not the memory card. So all photos are from my iPhone… c’est la vie.

{ Brandy Melville "Hotter than Hell" tee // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Hotter than Hell tee here }

The big things we did this weekend was spend all day yesterday in Sonoma, and saw Suicide Squad on Saturday.

I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect with Suicide Squad. I’m not sure how into detail I have gotten with you guys, but I am OBSESSED with the Joker (& would love a release of The Killing Joke at some point). I find he is one of the most complex characters and so fascinating.

I also love that you can take him and his story and go a million different ways with it.

That said, Heath Ledger’s take was and always will be my favourite but Jared Leto did a great job with it. COMPLETELY different character and completely different story line.

I def think Suicide Squad was worth the watch – and any excuse for movie theatre popcorn is a good one to me.

{ Champagne at Shannon's }

{ My favourite Movie Theatre }

On Sunday, we picked up my allocation from Iron Horse, and we added Porter Creek Vineyards to the list, as well as Unti Vineyards. Porter Creek was one of the coolest tasting experiences we’ve had.

Porter Creek is phenomenal winery located in the Russian River Valley. They are biodynamic (read more on biodynamic wines here), and use Burgundian methods. Think Burgundian style with a Northern California flare. Their wines are phenomenal, in fact, we joined their wine club! Favourites included the George’s Hill Chardonnay, Fiona Hill Pinot Noir, and Carignane – all of which we took home.

Unti is one I have enjoyed many a times but never visited, and man oh man am I glad we did. Unti makes phenomenal wines – think a Mediterranean / Italian style. They are extremely well balanced and they do grapes you don’t see often, such as Grenache Blanc (love), Vermentino, or Fiano.

They don’t have a wine club, but we ended up purchasing plenty – such as the Grenache Blanc mentioned earlier, Montepulicano anddddd a magnum of Rosé the size of Erik’s torso, as seen on Snapchat (come play: @shnnnlynn)… and if you’ve seen the guy, you know he’s very tall.

So there’s that. Then we got home, ordered Thai food via Seamless, watched Stranger Things (thoughts on this series??), and at 8:00p which is dusk here in San Francisco, it was bedtime for Shannon.

All in all, a good weekend!

{ Iron Horse Winery // Champagne at Shannon's } { Grilled Oysters & Rosé at Iron Horse, Sebastopol // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Sparkling Rosé & Grilled Oysters = a Winning Pairing! }

Now… one thing I want to talk about is pressing RESET.

I am going to be completely transparent but I have personally just been in a major rut. I know, I know, these happen to me often.

I think a lot of it is trying to figure out some of my personal and professional goals, and when life gets imbalanced, I tend to turn into an ostrich and throw my head into the sand.

Last week was a really demanding week for various reasons, and a major fault of mine is stress eating. I’m not a big sucker for sweets, but anything fried, salty, and cheezy? Sign me tf up.

That said, I’m about to make a ton of personal changes.

This week, we are cleaning things up HARD in the kitchen. Very similar to my pre-Australia Meal Plan when I cleaned things up. I think that will have a direct correlation with how I feel and staying inspired. I’ve been feeling a bit… shall I say, fluffy.. lately… which has effected my mood.

Another one is to really appreciate the mornings. Lately, I’ve been waking up at 4 or 5am and then going back to sleep until 7:30a (& press Snooze 239842398472x). I was reading this post from The Skinny Confidential (aka a daily read, remember?!), and I loved her tidbit on making the mornings a ritual. I used to be very structured in my mornings (remember this?), but as life ramped up, I kind of let it go. I love the idea on putting on some candles and music as you get the day started to really set the AM mood.

I’m also going to start setting goals for myself. In my planner, I am putting daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Some are as simple as drinking 8 cups of water a day, but some are a little more complex including content, engagement, and things to learn.

{ Porter Creek Vineyards // Champagne at Shannon's }

 { Getting put to work at Porter Creek! }

One thing I do every single month is task myself with something to learn. Last month, it was fashion collages (so this  was a huge milestone for me!) – this month, it is to really master some flat lays – I don’t know why, but I am TERRIBLE at these so I need to up my game. Anything else I should add? Next month, I have some coding tweaks.

Anyways, I need all the help I can get, and I would love to hear from YOU. What keeps you inspired and motivated? What are some of your blog goals and any tips on how to accomplish them?! Help a sister out! Also, any go to healthy recipes? Lay it on me, I’m about to do my weekly Instacart order. 🙂

On a fun note, I am off to LA with Erik this weekend! So, so, so excited! As always, let me know any MUST GO spots. Anything that gets me fed and/or drunk is a win in my book.

and for fun, here’s a pronunciation guide on how to pronounce Rosé & Syrah c/o Porter Creek:

{ Row Zay // Champagne at Shannon's } { Sir Raw // Champagne at Shannon's }

Talk soon!





  • Gitana Deneff

    Yay! Planners!
    I’ve also been really trying to get up early every day (especially since school starts back up next week!) and get the most out of my mornings.
    One thing I’m really trying to do to pull myself out a personal rut is clear out my room clutter, especially before school starts. My ultimate life goal is to be a minimalist. But I have about 1389273958753 steps before I reach that point.
    Also … the weekend! So excited!

    <3 Loved this post gurl. Power through! :*
    Gitana | Books & Bellinis | Instagram

    • I LOVE the idea of clearing out clutter. I’ve noticed that has affected my sleep. If things are on my bed that’s NOT my cat (aka bags, remotes, computer, papers, etc), I get terrible rest. I have that same goal – we can totally work on it together to hold our selves accountable! And YES to this weekend!!! Thanks for the good juju! x Shannon

  • Ahhh love the scenery in your post, such a lovely post! Have fun a week! 🙂

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com/
    IG: @aprilnunezz

    • Thanks, April!! Sometimes, I don’t mind when I forget the camera bc I tend to find the pictures to be a bit more… raw 😉 Have a wonderful week, babe!! x Shannon


  • week before my birthday Monday kinda vibe 🌁 these shoes remind me of sonic the hedgehog lol anyone else?! 🦔 🎮✨ #champagneatshannons
  • Bay to Breakers tradition :: hiding until it’s over with a lot of gin, some freshly squeezed grapefruit, & a lil mint 🍹🎭✨ #champagneatshannons #champagnesf
  • Neon gym clothes are my FAVE! 👾✨ I know it’s cliché but cute workout clothes really do help to get you to the gym 💘 when I kondo’ed my apartment, I got rid of any ratty gym clothes that made me feel meh and kept the ones that made me feel totally rad... & I’ve been to the gym everyday this week! 💟 also I learned that filtering neon clothes in vsco is no easy feat - who knew?! 😅 #champagneatshannons #gapfit #beyondyoga #nikewomen #fitness
  • Wellll it’s past 5:00 here, time to dig in. Now where shall I start? 🥃✨ #obanplease #champagneatshannons
  • gym get up 👾🖤 does my gym bag make me look like I work in finance? luckily for everyone, I don’t bc I’m awful w money lol 😬🏋🏻‍♀️💸 #champagneatshannons
  • @projectjuice just opened in the Marina and I’m pretty sure I’ve been every single day since & so not mad ab it ✨ this is the SUNSET BEACH :: orange, carrot, pineapple, turmeric, ginger, lime, mango, strawberry, & almond milk 😋 #champagneatshannons #champagnesf
  • nightly ritual 🍷✨ drinking the @karah_estate 2011 Pinot Noir and it it’s PHENOMENAL. Loved every sip and it just gets better and better. It’s from the Sonoma Coast {fav region} w flavors of cherry, vanilla, tobacco, & black tea and only like $25. Highly recc! ✨ any wines you’re loving lately?

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