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Weekend Vibes :: Tea Time to the Max - Champagne at Shannon's

Weekend Vibes :: Tea Time to the Max

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{ golden state cider // shannon silver }{ fuck off, Monday // Champagne at Shannon's }

weekend vibes w/ Golden State Cider ↞ favourite // Monday Vibes with  Brandy Melville


Another Monday! Crazy to think that Thanksgiving is next weekend. My boyfriend and I have a special tradition for it, I’ll talk allllll about next week. 😉

My weekend was more on the chill side – per usual – but it was a great one. I’ve somewhat been in a personal funk where all I want to do is a big amount of nothing. Not sure if it is still some aftershock of being swamped with work, or preparing for the big vacation, or if it is just laziness. Either way, I’ve been enjoying it. This weekend we pretty much spent it eating & drinking, which I am totally down with.

Friday, we went to our usual late night place, drank sparkling ales & sparkling rose, and ate prosciutto + arugula pizza which I doused in spicy chile oil – YUM.  Then Saturday, we met up with our good friends and grabbed brunch at my favourite place in San Francisco, Causwell’s. Seriously, if you are in SF, you HAVE to go here, and make sure you order the burger (and get bacon on it) – it is easily SF’s best burger.

{ calicraft buzzerkeley sparkling ale // champagne at shannon's }{ causewell's burger // best in SF // Champagne at Shannon's }

sparkling ale Buzzerkeley at Delarosa // Causwells’ burger

Afterwards, I decided to wander around the neighborhood and pretty much opened Pandora’s box….

So, anyone who knows me knows that I have THE most addictive personality ever. This can be great for starting healthy habits, but can also & has also been catastrophic.

As I was meeting my friends at Causwell’s, I passed by the neighborhood tea place, David’s Tea. Like, no big deal, I pass by it all the time. They always have samples outside, so I grabbed a cup of what they had – it was their “Hot Chocolate” tea – & went my merry way to Causwells. But, y’all, it was so damn good.

I literally spent the entire time at brunch thinking about that tea.

So I get home, my friends do their shopping, and my boyfriend goes golfing, and I am just hanging at my apartment with my cat really having a hankering for that tea, so I decide to go. Not only do I come home with a  huge cup of it, but I came home with a giant tin of it, a giant tin of their winter herbal blend called Sleigh Ride (I am using it for mulled wine!), their Oolong Tea, and a Nordic cup that is the equivalent to two large cups with a strainer.

Okay, yeah, so I bought a ton of tea – but I was just telling my boyfriend, I went through this almost nine years ago in 2006.

I had just transferred colleges from Las Vegas to Houston after unfortunately gaining the freshman 15, at the very least. I was shopping at the Galleria in Houston and ran into a place called TEAVANA for the first time ever. I wasn’t much of a tea drinker so I decided to try it out, and was introduced to the world of roobios, red, white, oolong, and herbal teas, as well as the black and green I was already kinda sorta  familiar with.

I started small, brought home a small bag of Moroccan Mint Green tea {my go to favourite type of tea}, which turned into bringing home a bigger bag of roobios, which turned into bringing home a tin of silver needle white, which turned into bringing home a bigger tin of pure peppermint {I cannot find their original peppermint tea on their website, but it was so good}… Anyways, you get it.

And that summer, I spent every single night drinking tea. In fact, I began to look forward to it. It was also how I started everyday, and how I finished every meal, breakfast / lunch / dinner. In all honesty, it was money well-spent. I felt great, and the cup of tea was comforting, not to mention the extra LBs I packed on from eating In-N-Out every day in college melted right off, and then some.

In 2008, I went through a really annoying mate’ phase, as well. Literally, it was the only thing I drank, with a squeeze of lemon for months.

If we are being totally honest, my tea habit is what catalyzed my eating habits from absolutely terrible to a much healthier lifestyle.

So, now that I feel this addiction hooking in, I am kind of stoked. I plan on having at least 2 cups of a tea a day, and will always have one before bed. I will go into a deeper post about this Hot Chocolate tea later this week, so stay tuned – but pretty much, it is life changing. Also, after Thanksgiving, I am nixing alcohol completely until the Holiday Party (which is only a day or so before we leave) in mid December, so it will make that much easier.

{ lucy on snapchat! // champagne at shannon's }
{ brunching at Barney's with my baby // Champagne at Shannon's }

Lucy’s Snapchat Twin // Brunching at Barney’s with my baby with a TON of Tabasco


So anyways, my boyfriend goes golfing & my friends leave the Marina, I do my new good weekend habit and buy tea, do my bad weekend habit (tea in hand) and go into Brandy Melville (again, blame my personality). In fact, I’ve been living in this Hanne hoodie for the past 48 hours ever since I bought it. HIGHLY recommend.

Then, I get home, make myself ANOTHER cup of my new tea – this time, Skinny Oolong – and no joke, I spent hours on the iPad reading about all different sorts of teas. Seriously, at least four hours. I was reading tea ratings, taste tests, reading about different brands, different effects. All while I am drinking my 2nd (which really meant my fourth) cup of tea… of the day.

Yall, it was getting so bad that my boyfriend asked me what I wanted to do for dinner, and I was about to tell him I am staying in to read more about tea..

I ended up grabbing some carryout and headed over to my boyfriend’s – talked his head off about tea & even tested out some – dare I say, Instant?! – mulled wine with the new tea which turned out pretty good! I will absolutely play around with this since I am on to something delicious & buzzy.

Then on Sunday, we did brunch at our favourite local spot Barney’s – got buzzed off of 1.99 mimosas, and then I dragged him into Starbucks so I could buy a venti size of tea – hot passion mixed with green. And as he went golfing, I slacked off, binged on Desperate Housewives while drinking more hot chocolate tea & planned dinner. Went to the butcher and grocery store and everything I planned to make dinner with was sold out, so I improvised, and make lettuce wrapped pork tacos with a pineapple avocado salsa which ended up being a hit with the mister. Instead of drinking wine while I cooked, I sipped on Oolong, and then put together a boozy dessert, so stay tuned on the details to that.

{ pork tacos w/ pineapple avocado salsa // champagne at shannon's }

{ pumpkin bourbon panna cotta // Champagne at Shannon's }

lettuce wrapped pork tacos w/ Pineapple-Avocado-Spinach salsa // Boozy as fuck pumpkin panna cottas for Two with Four Roses


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, full of good friends, lots of love, lots of eating, and lots of drinking (mostly tea). I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week, stay tuned to hear all about this hot chocolate tea (seriously, it has replaced desserts for me), some unsolicited business advice, and some boozy recipes.

Anyone else as obsessed with tea as me?! Any I need to check out?! This one is next on my list – we’ll see if it can live up to the name…

Happy Monday!



top photo by Ryan Johnson Photography

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