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WhenToGram: THE Coolest App Ever to up your Insta-Game - Champagne at Shannon's

WhenToGram: THE Coolest App Ever to up your Insta-Game

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shannon silver san francisco golden gate bridgeInstagramming // ? by @erikschuchard

So, blogging is semi-new for me, and I find that with every post I do, I learn something new.

In fact, one of my rules with work – work being my FTJ and passions I am working towards – is that my day is wasted if I didn’t learn anything new. { Read my #1 Advice for Starting a Blog here }

I know this is a lil dramatic, but it is so true.

Working as a whole is so important for your personal development, but with that means really taking in your surroundings and learning from it.

I am very particular about what I blog.

Though I post consistently, I will never, ever, ever post filler posts just to have a post up. The reason is because it is mutually detrimental. If I was to do that, not only am I giving you guys information that I could not care less about about aka wasting your time majorly, but selfishly, I am getting nothing out of it or learning something new.

Blogging has been crazy fun for me since it is a constant learning experience and keeps me extremely challenged.  Not to mention, I get to get on my lil online soapbox and talk about things I am truly passionate about, brands I stand behind, causes I believe in, and just really an outlet for me to be…. me.

That said, I’m always looking to learn more and more about this evolving industry of blogging. Always. As with all things in my life that I care deeply about {cooking, beverage, healthy living, science, outerspace, music, and of course, blogging}, I have an insatiable thirst that I constantly try to quench through learning all that I can.

{ shannon silver in tokyo, japan. }

Okay, so anyways…  the other day, I was casually scrolling through a few of my favourite blogs, and I came across this post by Erica of Fashionlush {phenomenal blog, btw, one of my all-time favourites & love how true she stays to her minimalistic style – def check her out} titled 10 Tips to Become a More Productive Blogger…. PS – her Blog Life series is super rad also.

To be honest, it was something I desperately needed to read. Blogging and working full-time is tough {not complaining, just being real}. As the months have gone by, I’ve found ways to adjust, for example cutting down my posts from 3-5x a week to 1-3x a week.

Real Talk but….

One thing I find I struggle with is really utilizing Social Media. I understand it, yes, but it is a whole different beast when you are doing it to build an image / blog / brand / business / all of the above.

It is also shockingly time consuming. Again, not complaining, because I find Insta fun AF and really love creating my aesthetic there.

ANYWAYS, Erica posted a list of apps that helps bloggers and influencers like herself to stay on top of social media, no matter how busy life gets. I downloaded every single one she listed but there is one that she has that is rocking my world so hard right now that I HAVE to share with you guys before the weekend….


I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful this has been for me in the last week alone. Pretty much, it analyzes your Instagram and let you know when to post on that specific day based on trends throughout your own personal feed.

It’s also as simple as STOP & GO. Seriously, you will log on and it will either say POST in Green or DON’T POST in Red.

It’s REALLY neat because the times will be customized for YOU, and they change with each day. It will also keep up with your followers/likers, so as you grow, or as the interactions come in, the app is smart and will note it, and adjust the times accordingly.

The other part I love about WhenToGram is the push notifications. Usually, notifications annoy the heck out of me – especially pointless ones, but this one will notify you when it is 15 minutes before your best time, so you have plenty of time to type out your caption, do any final edits, and figure out your tags + hashtags. Neat, yeah?

{ shannon silver talks whentogram }

Anyways, you HAVE to check it out – it will totally simplify Instagram and when YOU should post.

Download WhenToGram H E R E {srsly do it right this second}

Well, that’s all she wrote! Any fun plans for the weekend? I am off to Vegas in a few hours for the weekend. Any must go places? Leave them in the comments or on my Insta. I’m bringing my DLSR so hopefully I can work on some of my photography and I plan on getting tipsy in the swimming pool. {+1 if you know the reference}

Also, while I am at it – you HAAAAVEEE to check out this rad tune by Psychemagik called Mink & Shoes. I think I’ve had it on repeat every single second this week. SO GOOD.

 ✨✨ ✨ Check it ::

x Shannon

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