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{ #JAM }: Where I Go - Art of Fresh - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: Where I Go – Art of Fresh

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? Featuring :: Where I Go – Art of Fresh

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

All right, y’all, I’m comin’ atcha from London – let’s lighten the mood here, shall we?

This song is an instant mood lifter, no?

Seriously, if you’re having a meh day just press play and I gaurentee it will make it a little better.

I recently found this song from 2013 on Spotify and truly can’t get enough. As Club cheval mentioned, the end goal with music is for it to flow from year to year. This is no exception, in fact, it reminds me of songs / beats from the early 2000’s era – two that stick out to me being  Twista’s Lavish & Kanye West’s Touch the Sky – both are phenomenal songs, by the way, but they are two that really remind me of say, 2005?

Now Art of Fresh is the innovative Canada-based duo between rapper D.O. aka Defy the Odds x Slakah the Beatchild. As quoted in their Facebook bio: “The age gap between the two contributes to the groups’ unique sound, which is the perfect blend of old school meets new school and can best be described as Tribe meets Outkast. D.O. grew up in the 80s, a time known as the golden era of hip-hop, while Slakah was exposed to the neo-soul influenced hip-hop of the 90s.” { source }

This describes it perfect & really nails their style. I highly recommend perusing through both artist’s Spotifys. I have them linked below. They are so rad.

Fun fact: D.O. set the Guinness World Record in 2003 for the longest freestyle at almost 9 hours long! So cool!

{ Art of Fresh }

Okay so let’s talk about the song.

For starters, the lyrics!!! I love love love! I mean how can you not?!

Can’t nobody tell me NO..
where I dream is where I GO!

It’s upbeat & catchy. It is funky, with some synth weaved throughout. It is spiked with house but is very much hip-hop influenced. It’s the type of beat that you expect Pharell to pop in on. I seriously can’t get enough. The beat thumps throughout and at the end of the day, it’s a major feel good song. It’s one of those songs that just makes you want to just get up and dance!

And the final lyrics as the chorus fades out to the end?:

“It’s too late if you wait for tomorrow”

Like. So much like.

I also highly recommend the Instrumental version. You will see it in future videos of mine 😉

Enjoy & Happy Friday!

x Shannon  ?


Art of Fresh :: Soundcloud // Spotify // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube
D.O Gibson aka Defy the Odds :: Website // Spotify // Soundcloud // Facebook
Slakah the Beatchild :: Website // Spotify // Soundcloud // Facebook
Buy on Itunes ↠ H E R E



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