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{ #JAM }: Without You - Lane 8. - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: Without You – Lane 8.

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Featuring :: Without You – Lane 8

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }


Ok, so…

I got acquainted with Lane 8 back in the fall of 2013. Introduced by The Magician, of course. One of my all time favorite Magic Tapes isMagic Tape 39. {for those unfamiliar, The Magician is a phenomenal DJ who puts out hour long mixtapes monthly called Magic Tapes of up & coming artists on soundcloud. He never releases the tracklist bc a magician never shares his tricks, of course. Half the fun is finding them. Once, I searched a song for SIX MONTHS – sup Smoking Joe by Bobby Nourmand?!}


In this PHENOMENAL track list that is Magic Tape 39, there was one that stood out to me, called The One.

On a personal note, that time was a really special time to me. Maybe one day, I will open up about everything, but even when everything was so uncertain, music was my constant…. And to be completely blunt {& cocky} but the music I got really into when I first  moved to Northern California was REALLY fucking good & to this day remains an all time favourite.

Again, Lane 8 being in that category.

{ Without You - Lane 8 // Champagne at Shannon's }

So Lane 8 is a sick DJ & music producer named Daniel Goldstein.

One thing I love about him is that he has a distinct style. I can ID a Lane 8 song immediately upon hearing – which I think is a rad trait of DJs (same goes with The Magician) & honestly what I think separates the phenomenal from the great.

If I could describe his style, I’d describe it as deep house. But let’s get deeper though. It’s not just straight deep house, but deep house as if you are diving through the deepest depths of the ocean or gliding through the deepest galaxies in outerspace.

In fact, he describes his own music as “dreamy back rub house.” Love it.

Seriously, bone tingling, sense shaking, heart throbbing deepness. He also incorporates vocals perfectly.

This song, Without You, is nothing short of phenomenal.

Very heavy on synths. This song is more outer space than the ocean. Literally, though. Some parts, you are just straight up gliding, but some parts… it’s that feeling {though I’ve never been fortunate to experience it & never will so music is the closest I can get} after you’ve just blasted off into space, broke free of Earth’s atmosphere, and then you just chill as the lack of gravity takes over right at the :32 mark.

Per his style, the vocals harmonizes perfect with the synth. The synth goes in and out from melodic piano to dreamy electronic synth. It is an extremely pleasant, next world, aural experience.

I don’t know, maybe it was the “coffee I drank” in Amsterdam, but when I heard this song there, it is what singlehandedly inspired me to make the executive decision to learn the synthesizer. Anyone play? Any tips? I need all the help I can get.

Check it out & have a rad weekend!

I’ll be taking it super easy at home {I’ve been really sick all week – gross} & finish all my edits for my Cabo post on Monday!

x Shannon


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